Board Covenant

We will show our mutual respect by practicing healthy communication and feedback, listening without interruption so all may be heard. While we endeavor to be organized and stay focused on our agenda, we will do so in a positive, light-hearted manner.


Rev. Rod Brown, president-elect   Rev. Rod Brown                   2020 – 2021





           Pat Mohr           2020-2021



Beth Ann Rocheleau, board member        Beth Ann Rocheleau                   2020-2022




       Jeanette Walton               2019 – 2021


At Large Members

    Jessica Kross           2019-2021




  John Logue 2019-2021




Deb Matherly, Trustee    Deb Matherly             2019-2021





Tiffany Rushton 2020-2022



Jonathan White 2020-2022


Ex Officio Members


Linda Brennison, President  Linda Brennison, Immediate Past President




Caroline Eastman   Caroline Eastman, Finance Chair