Committee Chairs (Board Liaisons to Committees in bold)

Role of Board Liaisons
Board Liaisons should attend Committee meetings and keep the Committee informed of Board actions which may affect the operations of the Committee. The Board Liaison should also take concerns of the Committee to the Board if requested to do so by the Committee Chair and otherwise keep the Board informed on the activities of the Committee.  Note:  their names are listed in bold print.

Adult Religious Exploration

Rebecca Drennan
Marc Drews and Susan LeGacy

Building and Grounds 

Lis and Phil Turner
Regina Moody

Caring and Hospitality 

Joan Watterson & Mary Maclachlan
John Logue

Children and Youth Religious Exploration

Jonathan White
Nancie Shillington-Perez

Denominational Connections

Pat Mohr and Deb Matherly
Karen Brown

Endowment (Committee Elects Leader)

Tim VanDenBerg (7/2022-6/2025) Chair
Phil Turner (7/2021-6/2024)
Jim Kimbler (7/2022-6/2025)


Ginny Verne
Jeanette Walton

Green Sanctuary

Caroline Eastman
Caroline Eastman

Leadership Development

Nancie Shillington-Pérez, Chair and Board Appointment (2021-2024)

Elected members:

David Bryan (7/2022-6/2024)
Bonnie Stronach (7/2023-6/2025)
Matthew Donahue (10/2023-anticipated through 6/2025)

Deb Matherly (as Past President)


Annette Flavel and Don Cooper
George Johnson


Melody Smit and Tom Clements
Members to be approved by Board
No Board Liaison per our Bylaws, Stephen given extra hours to supervise.

Shared Ministry
Not meeting at this time

Social Action

Kevin McKinney and Connie Quirk
Deb Matherly


David Roof,
Karen Brown


Linda Brennison
Marc Drews

Group Leaders

Animal Ministry

Anita Grossman

The Forum

Jeannette Walton



Kitchen Committee

Connie Quirk

Memorial Garden

Pat Mohr

Partner Church

Lee Minghi, Donald Cooper

Publicity Committee

Emilia Gunning

Share the Plate

Nancie Shillington-Perez