Position Overview

Trustees are elected for a two year term based on the UUCC fiscal year which begins in July and ends in June of the next year. The Trustee, with input from the committees and the Board, provides general supervision over all activities of the Congregation and recommends changes, improvements, and modifications with respect to those activities considered important to the welfare of the Congregation.

Time Commitment

The Trustee will attend one or more retreats each year plus one Board meeting per month. Trustees are also expected to attend special meetings as needed and to communicate frequently via email.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Supports and promotes the mission of the Congregation
  • Is knowledgeable of and adheres to Church Bylaws
  • Attends monthly Board meetings
  • Prepares for each Board meeting by reading distributed materials and being ready to discuss them
  • Solicits financial support for the Congregation
  • Participates with the Finance Committee, the Board and the Minister in the preparation of the budget for the upcoming financial year
  • Helps develop and maintain and reviews annually the UUCC Policies and Procedures Manual and Board Manual
  • Oversees hiring, compensation and evaluation of staff
  • Votes on legal documents
  • Serves as liaison to a standing committee
  • Approves committee chairs as stated in the Bylaws
  • Creates ad hoc committees
  • Appoints delegates to denominational and community groups
  • May perform other duties as described in the Bylaws or determined by the Board


  • Is a member in good standing of the Congregation
  • Models behavior that supports the mission of the Congregation
  • Has proven leadership ability
  • Has an active and sustained engagement in the life of the Congregation
  • Has a working knowledge of the Bylaws and Policies of the Congregation
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Unitarian Universalism

(This information is meant to be supplemental to the Bylaws of the Congregation. In case of conflicting information, the UUCC Bylaws take precedent.)