Introduction to Right Relations

Right Relations is a term used by the Unitarian Universalist Association to refer to a communications agreement, and communications skills and practices, used in congregations to build and to maintain positive relationships between individuals and groups within the congregation.  It is part of the UUA’s support of “healthy congregations,” and it is also the foundation of what has become known as the beloved community.

Our congregation has recently undergone a very difficult time that caused loss of trust, broken relationships, loss of our called minister, and loss of a number of members of the congregation. The Board, realizing that we need guidance and support in navigating the healing process and rebuilding trust, has appointed a Right Relations ad hoc Committee. The Committee currently consists of Kevin Meredith and Emilio Perez-Jorge (co-chairs), Tim VanDenBerg (Board President),  John Logue, Phil Turner, Rebecca Drennen, Keitha Whitaker, Cheryl Soehl, and Regina Moody.

The Right Relations Committee Charter is being finalized with clearer parameters as it begins its work. It will be looking at committees on right relations in other UU congregations, utilizing services and support of UUA Regional staff, and making recommendations to the Board.

At this time you may contact the committee ( with personal concerns or positive suggestions.

Link to Right Relations Committee’s Guidelines For Healthy Communication.