Our congregation is currently in an Interim period. Our settled minister, the Rev. Dr. Neal Jones, served UUCC for ten years, concluding in June 2015.

We then began a two-year period during which we are served by a full-time trained UU Interim Minister, the Rev. Jennie Barrington. Rev. Barrington provides us with all the customary ministry services and also guides us through the process of searching for a new settled minister who will begin serving in August 2017.  Rev. Barrington is also helping us clarify and strengthen many aspects of our congregational life, including finances and stewardship, governance and committees, rite-of-passage ceremonies, and celebrations large and small.

SearchCommittee2016UUCC has formed a Search Committee comprised of trusted members of the congregation. The Search Committee, following the UUA recommended calendar, will receive applications from and do interviews with Unitarian Universalist ministers who are in search of congregational settlement.

Congregational Survey Results

The Ministerial Search Committee recently finished completing a congregational survey and the result are now available. The Search Committee conducted the survey during August, September and October of this year and the results will be used to provide the UUCC with a clear understanding of what our congregation desires from our next settled minister as well as to provide prospective ministers with an overview of our congregation. The following files provide the raw data results and a presentation of the survey results:

1) Survey Summary Results – Survey Results Excel Sheet.

2) Survey Presentation In Adobe PDF Format – Congregational Survey

The Process

Two helpful resources designed to help members and friends better understand the search process include: The Settlement Handbook (PDF, 47 pages) See page 13) and The Resource Guide for Ministerial Search Committees (Word, 71 pages).  Don’t have time to plow through all of those pages?  Here is a concise one-page checklist so you can check on our progress.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about our congregation and ourselves, and to ready UUCC for its very promising future. Follow this page for more information as the process moves forward.

Search Committee Update

The ministerial search committee entered the process to find a settled minister in August of 2016. Its charge from the Board of Trustees has been to identify a minister that fits who we are as a congregation with the skills and experience to help the UUCC continue to flourish. After completing one round of search, we have yet to find that minister. All members of the search committee remain committed to completing a second round of search with a different set of candidates but the same goal in mind of finding the right fit for the congregation. Fortunately, this round of search will be brief compared to the first. Early indications are that we will plan to make a preliminary offer to a new minister by mid-June. Finally, the search committee thanks the congregation for its high level of engagement in this process, and most of all for its continued patience. As the search goes on for just a little while longer please be sure to check the order of service, the foyer, and the Unigram for further updates.
David Crockett and Ann Johnson, Co-Chairs, UUCC’s Search Committee