Introducing Leader Lab

Relentlessly Useful Resources for Leadership Development

What would Unitarian Universalism look like if we trained our lay leaders as highly as we train other religious professionals such as ministers and religious educators? We would no longer be able to joke that we’re too disorganized to be called “organized religion.”

Your UUA Congregational Life staff has been working on a variety of online resources for lay (and professional!) leaders, and it’s now ready for its Beta release.

Start here to find a searchable database of leadership resources, board member training, leadership development planning for your congregation, online leadership courses, a live webinar listing, and more!

Breaking News

The Southern Region staff gives a shoutout to the members, friends and staff of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond (VA), who recently put their faith in action by providing sanctuary for a Honduran mother and her two children. She came to the US undocumented, seeking asylum from an abusive relationship. “This isn’t a political statement,” senior minister Rev. Jeanne Pupke told the Washington Post. “It’s a human statement that we’re all called to uphold human dignity.” Read the whole article here.

Meet Your Southern Region Staff

Leadership Experiences

Sending a team to a Leadership Experience is an investment in the future of the congregation and in the future of Unitarian Universalism.

The Southern Region hosts several Leadership Experiences (LEs) each year; one residential and some extended over the course of multiple weekends. All LEs provide a full five days of Unitarian Universalist leadership for teams from congregations.

Congregations are strongly encouraged to invest in the leadership of marginalized persons by nominating leaders of color and different ability statuses, youth, and young adults as part of their teams. As we deepen our commitment to the Movement for Black Lives, we affirm that black leadership matters. All Leadership Experiences in the Southern Region welcome participants ages 16 and up, and the Southern Region Staff is committed to assuring that Youth and Young Adults are fostered in leadership positions not just in Youth and Young Adult Groups, but in the congregation as a whole.