After 24 hours of travel from Columbia to Prague we arrived in the heart of Old Town on Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic. Our hotel was a beautiful old but updated boutique style and stepped out into the action of a very exciting city.

The first day we toured in a soft rain of which 3 miles was done on foot since our small bus was stopped by the police because the guide didn’t have his seat belt on. Yes, I survived and this included 200 stairs. The sights of this city were filled with history and beauty making the tour worth the effort.

Plaque in front of UU Church in Prague, Czech RepublicThursday, June 14, was a special day as we walked to the Unitarian Church headquarters for Czech Republic and visited with the Director, Lucie Hrabankova. She gave us a tour of the Linda McLeod with UU Minister in Pragueoffices and directed us to the Unitarian Church around the block. It was closed but we did get pictures that we are sending. She knew our Rev. Zsolt and had worked on committees with him.



Linda and Richard at UU church in Prague

That evening we went to a folklore dinner event and enjoyed a delicious meal of the local foods. A band played music typical to the region and there were dance demonstrations and singing. Richard was called upon to join in the dance and also to be a band member. It was a wonderful night complete with Czech beer and wine.

We are now on the ocean headed for Norway and we will spend the day touring Berlin. We have met several very nice people already and have enjoyed good discussions about the conditions of the world.

This has been a great trip so far and we have barely begun. It is chilly but pleasant but do miss seeing all of you.

Linda and Richard McLeod