(updated 5/23/18)

The SC Poor People’s Campaign a National Call for Moral Revival is committed to lifting up and deepening the leadership of those most affected by SYSTEMIC RACISM, POVERTY, THE WAR ECONOMY & ECOLOGICAL DEVASTATION. We will be protesting at over 30 statehouses and the US Capitol  We need you to join our efforts.

The UUCC plans to be a part of the moral revival planned by Rev. William Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign.  We encourage you to read up on this movement and prepare to participate with us in 40 days of direct action between May 13th  and June 19th, with a event planned in DC on Sat, June 23rd.  We need people to help us spread the word.  Please follow them on facebook, and spread the word through social media.  We need people to talk to faith leaders, politicians, and friends and family. We need people to tell their stories.  If you can be involved in any way, please contact Laura Hartwig at SocialAction@uucolumbia.org.

We stand together on May 29 to show the power of people united across issues and geography. We stand together because there are over 40 million people living in poverty in this country including 13 million children, and because although the U.S. spends more per capita on health care than any other country, 32 million people remain uninsured. And with fewer voting rights in place today for people of color than 50 years ago when the Civil Rights Act was passed, we stand together to say that we cannot go down this road any longer.

Find: Sign Ideas | UUA Involvement | Weekly Themes | Volunteer | Press | Live Stream of DC Events

Rally at the statehouse Tuesday (due to Memorial Day) May 29th 2pm

We Demand Peace From Parkland to Palestine.

This week we will meet at the African American Monument again.  Join us for the third of six consecutive Monday rallies. We will gather each Monday (Tuesday for Memorial Day) morning at 11:00am at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia for a brief training for those who wish to participate in the direct action following the rally. Email southcarolina@poorpeoplescampaign.org for more information on direct actions and trainings.

The Facebook event is now live here, and the RSVP link here, please push these out and share through social media and email lists.

We still need lots of help with these rallies. These jobs are available:

People to submit photos/videos
Rally set up/clean up
Donations of food/water
Speakers – people who are affected by these issues
Phone Banking

If you can help with these, please contact SocialAction@uucolumbia.org

Thursday, 5/24 at 7:30pm EST
SC Direct Action Informational Call–open to anyone considering participating in action, please do share this call info and encourage people to join.
**This call is for anyone considering participating in civil disobedience next week. Not mandatory but great for people who are on the fence or considering doing it for the first time. We will walk through the action plan, answer any questions, and review information from our legal team.
REGISTER HERE FOR THE CALL to get a reminder email with call in info.

Already receiving press

May 21:

The State | WISTV | USNews | ABCThe Charlotte ObserverMedium | Charleston Chronicle

May 14:

WISTV 10 | ABC | The State | WLTX 19 | MSNBC |  US News| The News & Observer

See all the big media outlets covering this campaign here: https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org/index.php/press/

We will have signs for you at the rally

UUA Involvement

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray and other UU clergy & lay leaders arrested
May 14, 2018 in DC – Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray and other UU clergy & lay leaders arrested and dozens more out in support.


The UUA is supporting the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, the brainchild of two community activists — the Rev. Liz Theoharis of New York and the Rev. William J. Barber II of North Carolina.  UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray will be participating in the direct action in Washington, DC on May 14th.   Read her article about getting arrested.  UU Rev. Robin Tanner laid out that the 40 Days of Action beginning on Mother’s Day May 13th and every week through to the mass mobilization in Washington, DC on June 23rd will consist of these components:

  • Sunday evenings: Mass Meetings for spiritual, moral and tactical/logistical preparation for the next days’ events
  • Mondays: Gather at 10 am, 1 hour Training at 11 am, followed by press conference & rally, and then afternoon direct actions at 38 state capitals and in Washington, DC
  • Tuesdays: Teach-Ins
  • Thursdays: Theomusicology and Arts Events
  • FridaySunday – Worship (the campaign is providing multi-faith materials)

All the national events will be livestreamed. This schedule will be followed in Washington DC and in the states so that we are all acting simultaneously.

To participate in direct action people must attend the trainings in their states. A further one hour training will be provided in Washington, DC for the national action and in the states. (We are also looking into an on-line training.)

Weekly Themes 

Week One (May 13-19) – SOMEBODY’S HURTING OUR PEOPLE: Children, Women, and People with Disabilities in Poverty

Week Two (May 20-26) – LINKING SYSTEMIC RACISM AND POVERTY: Voting Rights, Immigration, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and the Mistreatment of Indigenous Communities

Week Three (May 27-June 2) Rally and action on Tuesday this week due to Memorial Day– THE WAR ECONOMY: Militarism and the Proliferation of Gun Violence

Week Four (June 3-9) – THE RIGHT TO HEALTH AND A HEALTHY PLANET: Ecological Devastation and Health Care

Week Five (June 10-16) – EVERYBODY’S GOT THE RIGHT TO LIVE: Education, Living Wage Jobs, Income, Housing

Week Six (June 17-22) – A NEW AND UNSETTLING FORCE: Confronting the Distorted Moral Narrative

June 23: Join us in Washington, DC, for a mass rally and sending forth to continue building the moral movement!

Here are some of the other positions that are needed to help each Monday:

We are in need of a few people to help with media work this week. Anyone who has some experience sending press releases and making follow up calls, and has a few hours to dedicate this week. Please contact SocialAction@uucolumbia.org if you are able to help with this.
  • Safety team (Marshalls, Peace Keepers, Medics, etc) Find info about peace keeping here.
  • Program Coordinator (stage coordinator, timekeeper, speaker coordinator)
  • Documentarian (photo/videos)
  • Rally set up/clean up crew
  • Legal support and legal observers
  • Post-action support (community support at jail, collecting information, giving rides)
  • Interpreters and equipment
  • Visual arts (creating signs, banners, other visuals)
  • Music
  • Communications (media spokespeople, media wrangler, social media)
  • Transportation coordinator (organize carpools and buses from various areas of the state)
  • Organizing a PPC event in my community (the coordinating committee will provide ideas and resources!)
To sign up to volunteer at a Monday rally:  https://goo.gl/forms/Kr3h3uYSBLQID33p1

Helpful Info

Here are links to:

To get connected with the UUA’s involvement with this campaign, please sign up directly on this link here (the campaign has set it up to track UU participation for us).  Each state campaign has a Facebook page. We also recommend that you contact your UU state action network. You can follow the facebook group for the UU’s & PPC here.  A UUA webpage will soon be available here: https://www.uua.org/racial-justice/poor-peoples-campaign-national-call-moral-revival



 Live Stream

All events will be livestreamed from the PPC: NCMR Facebook Page. Sunday Mass Meetings – 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EDT

Sunday, 5/27 at 6:00pm EST
Livestream of Mass Meeting in Washington, DC–public livestream, please share!
Will be shown on PPC Facebook page. Consider hosting a watch party with a few friends!

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