2019 ~ 2020 Curriculum

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Spirit Play™

The curriculum is entitled Spirit Play™, a Unitarian Universalist program of religious education that evolved from a long line of Montessori-based religious education programming. It is based on story and ritual, play and creativity. Spirit Play™ gives children the tools to make meaning of their lives within the container of Unitarian Universalism.

As Unitarian Universalists, we talk about encouraging questioning yet we hand children pre-packaged content following a hierarchical model of the teacher having the knowledge and experience and imparting it to the children as if they have none of their own.

The program encourages independent thinking through wondering with an adult who does not mediate correct answers but truly wonders with the child. It gives the children real choices through freedom within the structure that promotes a sense of community and develops an underlying sense of the spiritual and the mystery of life. Teachers are Deb Matherly, Amanda Segura, and Bethany Storlazzi. 

3rd ~ 5th Grades

Windows and Mirrors

The Windows and Mirrors curriculum, is designed to help children identify their own experiences and perspectives – and to seek out, care about, and respect the experiences and perspectives of others. The aim is to nurture the development of open-mindedness, empathy, respect, forgiveness, faith, and hope. Teachers are Karen Brown, Dawn Del Rossi, and Terrance Sullivan.


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