2018 ~2019 Currculum

Middle School Youth

6th – 8th Grades


Middle School will begin the year exploring The Fifth Dimension and finish the year with Riddle and Mystery.

The Fifth DimensionThe Fifth Dimension Program Goals:

  • Consider social issues and the ways in which our faith can help us understand our values.
  • Understand ways in which the right of conscience calls us to do what’s right, even if there are possible negative consequences.
  • Examine how our choices affect others around us, as well as ourselves.
  • Explore how taking a stand is related to perspective and point of view.

Riddle and Mystery by Richard S. Kimball

The purpose of Riddle and Mystery is to assist youth in their own search for understanding. Each of the 16 sessions introduces and processes a Big Question. The first three echo Paul Gauguin’s famous triptych: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? The next ten, including Does God exist? and What happens when you die?, could be found on almost anyone’s list of basic life inquiries. The final three are increasingly Unitarian Universalist: Can we ever solve life’s mystery? How can I know what to believe? What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?

Suicide Prevention Training tentatively rescheduled to Friday, January 25, 4:30-6pm: Game Night and Pizza afterwards 6-9pm

Watch this space for updates and further information. This training is a great resource for young people and provides education on how to prevent suicide and be a good listener and discerning friend to someone who is in need. One of our own UU young adults has been a volunteer here and recommends this SC Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative training. This is open to all 6-12th graders and young adults.  Contact Mckenzie at reassist@uucolumbia.org. For more information visit South Carolina Youth Suicide Prevention Iniative.


Register here for CYRE.

Please print the form, complete and mail to:


2701 Heyward Street

Columbia SC 29205