Nursery workers and babies
Waiting for Daddy!

The nursery provides care during the service for infants through age 2 on most Sundays.  Days when no CYRE is offered, such as Multi-Generational Services, the Nursery is available for children up to age 3. The Nursery is available from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on Sundays. Child care may also be provided for other congregational events. A registration form is also required for your little ones who will be enjoying our Nursery. Ronan Sullivan and Janae Walton will be working in our nursery this year.

Preschool – 2019 ~ 2020 Curriculum

Ages 3 to 4 years 

Dr. Seuss and Unitarian Universalists

This year’s curriculum is Dr. Seuss and Unitarian Universalists – we will use stories from Dr. Seuss to explore what we have in common with each other. These stories are fun and engaging. But even more important, they are based on life situations and experiences and give us a way to reflect, to talk about things that are part of our lives.

  • We all sleep.Dr. Seuss
  • We all get lost.
  • We all are afraid sometimes.
  • We all meet people who are on — and sometimes in — our way.
  • We all like adventure in various ways.
  • We all struggle with what is right and what is not.

Each story has a theme that ties to Unitarian Universalist principles, such as

  • We are fair and kind to each other.
  • Everyone is important.
  • Church is a place where we learn together.
  • We treat people with justice and equity.
  • We help make the world better for everyone.

We’ll talk about the stories followed by an activity. Teachers are Anne Gulick, Beck Sullivan, and Julieanna Turner.


Register here for CYRE.

Please print the form, complete and mail to:


2701 Heyward Street

Columbia SC 29205