PANDEMIC ART    2020-2021

The exhibit highlights and honors the effort to continue one’s creative expression during months of upheaval and social isolation. A variety of media has been used by friends and members of the UUCC. The exhibit will hang in the social hall through December.

Regina Moody/pastel
Regina Moody
Stafford Dudick drawing
Stafford Dudick
Jean LaMosto, artise
Jean LaMosto








Jean Capalbo, Artist
Jean Capalbo
Rick Fore, Artist
Nick Fore
Marie Huntt, quilt piece
Marie Huntt








Participating artists are:

Linda Brennison          Jean Capalbo

Bruce Chavious           Stafford Dudick

Nick Fore                     Marie Huntt

Jean LaMosto              Joe Long

Sharon Matchett          Regina Moody

Ruthie Saunders         John Starino

Phil and Lis Turner


For sales, the buyer should make payment directly to the artist rather than through UUCC.