Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Sunday Services Begin at 11:00 a.m.

March 24, 2019  Topic:  Turning a Burden into a Gift  Speaker:  Patricia Gaines

Forum Topics  For adults interested in discussing current issues on a wide range of topics. Meets on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in the library building at the side of the property.

March 24, 2019  Topic:  If it is true that America has become a Kleptocracy, how can we restore Democracy in the Republic?

Next Congregational Conversation will be held April 7 at 12:30 p.m.

Children and Youth Religious Exploration (CYRE)
Check out what is happening with Religious Exploration classes and their extracurricular activities here.

For information on Adult Religious Explorations, look here.

Social Action Activities
Our church keeps busy making a difference in our world.  Check out what we’re doing now here.

Membership at the UUCC
Have you been attending services for a while and are considering making the congregation a larger part of your life?  If you are interested in joining or have questions about membership, please email the Membership Committee. or talk with someone at the Welcome Table (with the red tablecloth) after one of the services.

Communication from the Right Relations Committee
The mission of the Right Relations Committee is to provide guidance to the Board and support to the congregation in the healing process and efforts to rebuild and maintain trust after a difficult year. You can contact our committee chairs at rightrelationschair@uucolumbia.org or in person by talking to Emilio Perez and Kevin Meredith.

From Your Caring and Hospitality Committee
NEEDED: The eyes and ears of the entire congregation. We hear of several needs every month. However, we don’t always hear or know about everyone who needs some extra care. We need all members and friends to wrap your arms around this beloved community in love and caring. If you hear of a need in our congregation that you feel would be well-served by the Caring Committee, please don’t assume that we know. Please email or call Chair, Keitha Whitaker, at any time, 803-605-8625 or caringchair@uucolumbia.org. We’d rather hear that a member or friend needs our attention 2 or 3 times than not at all. Thank you.

Life Stories Sessions
Contact Barbara Beeler. Do not enter through front doors because an AA meeting will be in progress. Go directly to the teal side doors on Heyward Street. Classes will be held in the RE wing.
March 19: Share two of your saddest and happiest experi-ences of your life.
March 26: If your life story were a movie or a novel, what would be the title and the plot?

New Member Joining Ceremony
The pleasure of your company is requested at the New Member Joining Ceremony and Reception on Sunday, March 31.  The ceremony will take place during the morning service, with the celebration taking place in the social hall following the service.  All are invited to participate in the celebration.  Childcare will be provided if requested.  Please notify Nancie Shillington-Perez at least 48 hours in advance.

Easter Work Weekend at The Mountain
Several from UUCC have already registered for the weekend of April 19-21 to help clean, repair, and prepare for spring and summer events.  The charge for workers is $70 to cover the cost of meals.  The cost for non-workers is $190.  Child care and programs for children up to the age of 14 are available, with costs varying by age. To register, or if you have questions, phone The Mountain at 828-526-5838.

UUCC Spring Maypole Celebration
We need people and resources for the Maypole Celebration, Sunday, April 28. We need help setting up and breaking down tables. We need at least 2 grills and people to take turns grilling hamburgers and veggie burgers. A plate of food and drink will be $5. We need volunteers to help with the Maypole, bubbles and Hula Hoops. If you’re interested in helping, please email Beck Sullivan. The event will be from Noon (after service) to 2pm.

UUCC Annual Picnic Saturday, May 4 11:00 – 2:00 pm
Suzi Garland and Shelly Bon have graciously invited us to have our annual picnic again this year at their place. This is a marvelous way to meet new people and visit with those you already know. Look for a RSVP list/potluck sign up in April. Please contact Nancie Shillington-Pérez with questions.

Visitor Orientation
Our next Visitor Orientation will be held on Sunday, May 5, at 12:20 p.m. in the UUCC library, the detached building on Heyward Street with the red door. It usually lasts about 45 minutes, and light refreshments will be served. If you are new to the UUCC, or have not come for a while and have questions, this session is for you. This class is designed to help familiarize you with the principles of Unitarian Universalism and answer any questions you may have. Nancie Shillington-Pérez, Membership Chair.

Spring Yard Sale!  Be thinking about it…
UUCC will have a Yard Sale this Spring, so hold on to all of your unbroken, working, unwanted items until then. Anything you have except large appliances and clothing will be accepted as long as they are in reasonably good condition. This year books will be welcomed.
We cannot accept items until the week of MAY 12. If you would like to join in the fun of taking in, arranging, pricing, or selling, and getting to know our UU community, let Jean Capalbo know at (803)799-1001 or jacapalbo@gmail.com.