Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Sunday Services begin at 11:00 a.m.

March 18, 2018  Topic:  Stewardship Sunday — “Sowing Heresy, Growing Spirit.” Speaker:  Rev. Jeff Liebmann

A church is like a farmer’s field. With care, the land produces a bountiful harvest. Sometimes, events beyond our control can restrict growth or ruin plants. Over time, we must rotate crops to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in the soil. Our future depends on the seeds we sow and our cultivating the land.

  • Sunday, March 18, 10:00 AM: Encore practice in Sanctuary

March 25, 2018  Topic:  Flower Communion–“Religion Nouveau”  Speaker: Rev. Jeff Liebmann

April 1, 2018  Topic: Easter-“Thicker Than Blood”  Speaker:  Rev. Jeff Liebmann

April 8, 2018 Topic: Rev. Zsolt, minister of our Partner Church in Bezterce, brings us news and insights from the birthplace of Unitarianism. We have been friends with the Beszterce congregation for 27 years! Plan to attend other events around Rev. Zslot’s visit.

April 15, 2018 Topic: TBA

  • Sunday, April 15, 9:30 AM: Encore practice in Sanctuary

Forum Topics  For adults interested in discussing current issues on a wide range of topics. Meets on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in the library building at the side of the property.

  • March 18, 2018  Topic:  How and why do people join cults (ex. Jim Jones, Scientology)?

Children and Youth Religious Exploration (CYRE)
Check out what is happening with Religious Exploration classes and their extracurricular activities here.

For information on Adult Religious Explorations, look here.

Social Action Activities
Our church keeps busy making a difference in our world.  Check out what we’re doing now here.

Shared Ministry Committee
The Board accepted the nominations of the Leadership Development Committee and appointed Patty Drews, John Logue, and Janet Swigler to serve on the Shared Ministry Committee.  The Shared Ministry Committee provides a reflective and advisory role with regard to the quality of congregational life, modeling healthy and deepening relationships with the Minister and the staff.  The Committee works regularly with Rev. Jeff assessing the status of the congregation and addressing issues of potential conflict as needed.  Please feel free to speak to Rev. Jeff or members of the Committee at any time with your thoughts.

Help Stop the Spread of the Flu!
Please be sure to use the sanitizer as you come in the door each Sunday morning and when you go to the snack table during Social Hour. We want to do all we can to help stop the spread of the flu bug that is so very serious this season. Sanitize your hands, cough and sneeze into your sleeve, and if you take a cookie don’t put it back because you want a different one. Help everyone and yourself from getting sick. Thanks.

We have a New Copier!
Our new copier is similar to our old one and is very easy to use, but please let our Administrator, Andrea, know if you if you would like a tutorial.

Fellowship Lunch Schedule
Just to be sure you won’t miss out on any of the upcoming fellowship lunches we thought you would like the schedule for the next several months. We will be alternating be-tween Potlucks and a $5 Soup and Sandwich lunches. These will usually be followed by a Teach-in given by Rev. Jeff. The meal will begin at between 12:20-12:30. We have already found these lunches to be a great time of fellowship so be sure to mark your calendar and don’t miss out.
April 8 – Potluck – sponsored by Kitchen Committee (Rev. Zsolt of the Partner Church will be visiting and this will be a great time to get to know him)
June 3 – Sandwiches provided by UUCC – Annual Business Meeting to follow (This will be a brief lunch so the meeting can begin).

**We will not have Fellowship Lunches in May, July or August but will issue the new schedule for the rest of the year in late August.

New RE Room Names
Room 5, now named the Sophia Lyon Fahs room, is no longer a meeting room. Rooms 9 (now the Judith Sargent Murray Room) and 10 (now the Joseph Priestly Room) will replace Room 5. Please bear with us during this transition.

Women of the UUCC
Our congregation is made up of some pretty spectacular women. Aren’t there a few you would like to see honored?  Please write up a brief sentence or two describing their contributions to our congregation and submit as many as you would like.  This information will be shared in the future. Deadline for submissions is Monday March 5th! Submit to Stephanie.

Nursery Volunteers Needed
Become a member of our volunteer nursery worker team!  The PLAN – build a team of 6 volunteers to join Katie in the nursery!  Get to know our youngest UUs.  See Katie this Sunday to sign up or email Stephanie.

Visitor Orientation
Our Visitor Orientation usually lasts about 45 minutes, and is offered monthly.  If you are new to the UUCC, or have not come for awhile and have questions, this session is for you. This class is designed to help familiarize you with the principles of Unitarian Universalism and answer any questions you may have. For more information contact: Nancie Shillington-Pérez.

Vegan Potluck Dinner
Please be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, March 24 at 6:00 p.m.for another in the series of vegan potlucks sponsored by the Animal Ministry!! Our next Vegan Potluck Dinner Buffet will be held on Saturday, March 24, at 6:00 p.m. Everyone in the congregation is encouraged to come! (There is no charge for attending this event). We encourage all attendees to try their hand at a vegan dish to share at the potluck, but this is not a requirement. “Vegan” dishes are simply those that are plant based and do not contain animal products. If you need any assistance in selecting a recipe or would just like to talk to a member of the Animal Ministry about the event, don’t hesitate to contact Anita Grossman (anitaj48@aol.com; 803-960-2206). We plan to open this event up to the community at large so bring along a friend or neighbor!

Visit the Mountain for Cheap!
Easter work weekend, March 30-April 1, is a way to spend Easter with family and friends, old and new, working side-by-side on work projects of your choosing.  You may select which projects you want to join on Saturday and enjoy a traditional Easter feast on Sunday.  They show their appreciation for your labor by giving you free lodging!  So sign up to join some of our members who have already signed up.  This is not an April Fools joke!  Visit The Mountain website for more information.

Membership at the UUCC
Have you been attending the UUCC for a while and considering making the congregation a larger part of your life? Then this may be the perfect time to make the leap and become an official member! We will be hosting a “New Member Dinner” and “New Member Introduction Service” on April 14 & 15 and would love to add you to our new member list to attend.
The process of joining is simple: we ask that you have attended a visitor orientation and services for at least a couple of months. We are flexible about these requirements if you have belonged to another UU congregation elsewhere or have been attending here for a long while.
If you are interested in joining, or have questions about membership, please contact our Membership Co-Chair, Nancie Shillington-Perez, or at 803-553-2280. You may also speak to the Membership Committee representative at the table with the red tablecloth after Sunday services.

Save the Date for Annual Picnic
Details ate still being worked out, but for now, plan on spending Saturday, April 21, with fellow members of UUCC at the home of Suzi Garland and Shelly Bon..  Lunch will be served at 1:00 p.m. and all will be invited to stay until the food is gone.  This year, we have been given a generous donation to buy chicken–lots of chicken!  We will potluck the side dishes.  There is a fishing pond available for our use, and all are invited to bring their favorite lawn games.  Please contact Nancie Shillington-Pérez  if you would be willing to help out with this event.  Many hands make light work.
Plans are coming together, but we are asking for help in two areas. First, we need a pick-up truck to help us move our banquet tables from the church to the site either that morning or the day before. Of course, those tables must be returned at the close of the picnic.
In the past, some members have loaned portable gazebos or open-sided tents to place over our food ta-bles. We do not know who those members are, but if you are willing to loan them again, we would appreciate it.
If you have not already, mark your calendars now. And keep watching for additional information. A good time will be had by all.

Get Your Ducks in a Row!
Find out everything you wanted to know about planning a dignified and affordable funeral by attending a workshop on Saturday, April 28, hosted by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of SC (FCASC).  The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. until noon here at UUCC>  The pre-registration fee is $10 for an individual and $15 for a couple ($15/$20 on day of).  Register by check made payable to FCASC.  Send to FCASC, 2701 Heyward St., Columbia, SC  29205,  You may also leave your check in the FCASC mailbox in the mail room.  Please include your name, mailing address, telephone number, and, if you have one, your email address.

Beltane Crafters Faire 

Planning is underway for our annual Beltane celebration, Sunday, April 29. We have a great group of volunteers but need a few more. We need an adult to assist our teen in charge of youth crafts. We also need a volunteer teen and adult to help with the Maypole and decorations. Please contact beck.sullivan.sc@gmail.com. If you would like to sell your crafts at the faire, please see Lily Hutton after Sunday services for a sign-up form. You can also email beck.sullivan.sc@gmail.com.

The Mountain Retreat
Those who attended the Mountain annual retreat this year had a great time. Next year we hope to have a record-breaking group and even more fun. We were able to reserve a prime spot for our 2018 weekend, so mark your calendars for October 5-7, 2018. Reminders will be coming in the future.