October 27, 2018

Group on Congaree hike

Congaree demonstrationWhat a fun time we had as John Logue lead his motley crew through the Congaree National Forest.  John proved to us once again that nobody knows more about the flora and fauna in South Carolina than he!  There wasn’t a question posed that he couldn’t answer. Touring the Congaree We learned a lot of new information while enjoying each other’s company and getting in some good exercise in the bargain.  Mercedes and dog

Thanks to the Membership Committee for re-starting our Outdoor Group, and a special thanks to John for kicking off the re-boot with such style!

October 17, 2018

Ladies Lunch at Arabesque
Lunch at Arabesque
We were twenty strong for our inaugural LUUnch BUUnch luncheon at Arabesque.  We had our own private room so we could be as raucous as we liked while bothering no one.  It was fun to get together and have more time for visiting with one another.  Mark your calendar for December 13th for our next get-together.

Lunch at ArabesqueLunch at Arabesque

Lunch at Arabesque


October 14, 2018

Sandy, Joan and Linda share a birthday.

What are the odds?  Three of our favorite members born on the very same day (okay, not the same year, but still… )!  Only thing missing was the cake!

Birthday Beauties: Sandy Chubon, Joan Watterson, and Linda McLeod


October 13, 2018

Half-painted RE Wing BackRed Letter Day!  The RE Wing is completely covered in a new coat of paint.  We have been working on this for nearly a year with numerous “painting parties” that lead to slow progress.

Members painting RE Wing
John Logue and Phil Turner painting RE Wing

Thanks to Phil Turner, who rented  and operated a professional paint sprayer, and John Logue, who was there every step of the way, helping to move the ladder and equipment, the job is now complete!  Their lovely wives, Lis and Carolyn (Building and Grounds Chair) worked on the window trim.  Windows were slower going and there are many left to be done…anyone?…anyone?






October 5-7, 2018

Fun at the Mountain

Music at the MountainA great time was had by all 25 people who went to our annual Mountain weekend. The weather could not have been better and the folks at The Mountain were wonderful hosts. Our thanks to the great musical talents of Rod Brown and Kevin McKinney…

Kevin and Rod sing
Kevin and Rod making music

and to Ann Cargill for sharing her artistic talents in teaching us origami. A most inspiring service on Sunday morning by Rod was the perfect way to end the weekend.Mountain participantsJoan and Linda sing

August 19, 2018

Rev. Dr. Neal Jones Returns!

Rev. Dr. Neal Jones returns to our pulpit!


Our former minister of ten years recently returned to our pulpit for a day of inspiration, festivities, and suggestions for a path toward healing.  His sermon was up to his usual standards, and if you missed it, or want to see it again, it can be found here.

Pot Luck luncheon following the sermon:

Neal Jones celebrationNeal Jones celebration



Neal Jones Q&A session
The day wrapped up with a meaningful Q&A session.

It was a nostalgic day for all of us.

August 8, 2018

New Kitchen Sink Installed

What a journey!  We began this project in early April 2018.  One quarter of a year later…we had an amazing sink.

It all started with Julie and Quillen Davis, who generously donated an extra $1,000. beyond their Capital Campaign Pledge to give us our badly-needed kitchen sink.  Then Peck Drennan, Linda McLeod, and Lis Turner stepped up to figure out which sink and faucet would work for the size opening the old sink would leave.  When we found that this dollar amount would not quite cover the sink/faucet/plumber expenses, Regina Moody offered to cover the extra costs. She was determined to be sure that the sink, faucet, AND installation were covered.

Kitchen before shotOnce the old sink was removed, it was discovered that the old countertop was too rotten to handle a new sink.  At this point, Phil Turner, working with the Building and Grounds Committee, priced out the cost of various counter options.  Cost and weight

John Logue and Bill Dolley installing countertop
John Logue and Bill Dolley installing countertop

considerations for granite or quartzite, as well as Pat Mohr mentioning that she and Don had put the old counter in over 30 years ago, resulted in the decision that laminate counters would be the way to go.  So, Phil and his band of Merry Men (a.k.a. John Logue, Glen White, Bill Dolley, and Quentin McGrievy) spent two long days installing the countertops.  Despite the many challenges along the way, like holes and gashes in the drywall backsplash, a sink that was 6 inches too wide, and many structural defects in the cabinets including the fact that some were higher than others, the finished results are amazing.

The members of the kitchen committee (Jeanette Walton, Connie Quirk, Joan Watterson, Regina Moody, Patty Drews and Linda McLeod) pitched in to empty and refill the cabinets.  It truly takes a village!

Working on backsplash
Phil Turner tiles backsplash


Sink/Counter/BacksplashWood plane and shavings

April 21. 2018

We enjoyed our third annual picnic this year, but had so much fun that none of us remembered to take pictures!  We ended up with only one and share it with you here.  You’ll just have to believe that we had a big crowd (over 50 people!), games were played, there was fishing in the lake, and we had lots of wonderful food!Annual Picnic Fun


April 14/15, 2018

We welcomed our new members with a Saturday night Dinner and an official ceremony during the service on Sunday.  We were still in the midst of our renovation, but that didn’t dampen our spirits or diminish our decor.  A group met early Saturday to decorate the social hall.

Fixing table for New Member DinnerFluffing tissue paper garlands

Cute kid helping with decor

With a little extra prep, we were ready for a fun evening.

Helpers at the New Member Dinner. Yummy cake

On Sunday, we all enjoyed cake after the ceremony to celebrate the addition of the New Members!

Special New Members Welcome Cake

April 8, 2018

Rev. Zsolt visits us from our sister church in Transylvania, Romania

Rev. Zsolt speaking to us from the podium.Our Partner Church Committee did a great job in bringing Rev. Zsolt to us and organizing a week of celebrations.  Rev. Zsolt is the minister of the Beszterce Unitarian Church in Romania, is fun to be around, and delivers informative, thought-provoking, entertaining sermons.  Thanks to the Committee for all of their fund-raising activities to make this happen, and for putting together such a fun week!

Rev. Zsolt delivering sermon.

Rev. Zsolt speaking to children
Rev. Zsolt telling Children’s Story…to be continued











April 1, 2018

Easter Bonnet Parade and Egg Hunt

Silly Easter Bonnet MomentOur elementary school aged children decorated Easter bonnets while the high school students prepared and hid the eggs.

After the service, those of us with bonnets followed the children around the church for our Easter parade.  This terminated in a contest for the best bonnets and an Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt

Happy Easter family

Thanks to the hard work of the CYRE team, baskets overflowed and the children had a wonderful time.

November 30, 2017

Decking the Halls

Special thanks to Santa’s Elves for helping to get our Halls Decked in time for our first December service.  Santa has moved y’all to the NICE list, so you can expect big things under the tree this year!

Carolyn West




Janet Swigler
John Logue
Phil Turner




Holiday Decor



Side of church with wreath