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The purpose of the UUCC book club is to select, read, and discuss nonfiction and fiction books that inspire, challenge, entertain and educate.

What are the group’s main activities?

  • About twice per year, each member submits the names of three books (fiction or nonfiction) with brief descriptions; submissions are compiled and members vote for one of the three via email. One book per month is selected based on majority vote.
  • The group meets monthly at a group member’s home to discuss that month’s book selection at a member’s home (not all group members host meetings).
  • We discuss one book per month with the discussion facilitated by a different group member each month.
  • Each discussion is facilitated by the member who recommended that book.

What kinds of books does the group read?

You can find the Current Reading List here.  We also have our lists for 2015, 2014, and 2012-13.  Seek out a member of the Book Club to ask for a recommendation.

What is the typical time commitment for the group’s members? When does the group meet? And how often?

The monthly discussions typically last 90 minutes and currently meet at 6:30 pm on a Sunday; the specific dates are selected by group members based on availability. Members are expected to have read the book prior to the discussion.

Who would a UU friend or member contact to learn more about the group?

Contact: Ruthie Saunders                        E-mail address: rsaunders@sc.edu

Telephone: 803-776-6608