Bea Kuhlke, ArtistBea Kuhlke

Bea Kuhlke was a full-time professional painter and art teacher for her entire adult life. She began her career with two years of study in Florence, Italy under German born artist Hans-Joachim Staude. She then returned to her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. There she occupied a 2nd floor apartment and supported herself and her dogs as a full-time painter. After establishing herself, she taught painting part-time at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art for 25 years, an later in life conducted workshops and classes for serious painters. Bea’s subjects included the entire range of florals, interiors, landscapes, nudes, and portraits. She always said the nature of her subjects were of little importance to her. Her aim was to find beauty where it existed, and she painted what she saw — the beauty of the form, light, and color in her subjects. She worked masterfully in all standard media over the years. Her early works were mostly watercolors. In her later years she primarily used acrylics.
Bea married Craig Chattin in 2002, and they soon moved from Augusta to Aiken, where Bea enjoyed the solitude and excellent light in her backyard studio building. Throughout her career, she was a prolific painter and her pieces hang in homes, businesses, and galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Bea joined the UU Church of Augusta after she met Craig and was an active member there for the remainder of her life. Her love of nature and unshakable integrity are reflected in the beauty and honesty of her work.

Kuhlke Dog PaintingKuhlke Painting of HomeKuhlke Still Life