Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Board of Trustees

Minutes of June 15, 2016 Meeting


Marc Drews (Co-President), Phil Turner (President Elect), Sandy Chubon (Secretary), Linda Brennison (Treasurer).  Members at large: Richard Culler, Donald Griggs, Tim VanDenBerg.  Regina Moody (Past President), Joe Long (Chair Finance Committee), Rev. Jennie Barrington (Interim Minister).  Guests: Bob Whitaker, Joan Watterson, Cheryl Soehl, Peck Drennan.

Absent: Patty Drews, Janet Swigler.

Call to Order

Marc Drews called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM.  Sandy Chubon presented opening words.  Members re-affirmed our Board Covenant.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the May 11 and May 18, 2016 meetings were approved.

Member Comments

Peck Drennan spoke to us in support of our intention to begin fund raising for the building improvement project.  He reported that the mold cleaning process included installing a hydrometer in the under floor area to give us readings of humidity below the floor and in the air conditioned office.   Comparison of these readings is one measure of the effectiveness of the process.  Mold Solutions is working on a 10-year guarantee which they will mail to us in the next week.  Peck also suggested that we consider having a gender neutral bathroom constructed in the space that is currently the RE storage closet opposite the Heyward Street entrance.  He estimated that could be done for $8,000.

Staff Reports

Reports from the staff were accepted.  Rev. Jennie again requested the means to send mass e-mails to all the congregation; currently only Andrea can do that.  Rev. Jennie first asked for this service in October and nothing has happened.  She would like the board to nudge somebody about her request.  Marc volunteered to take care of that.

Treasurer’s Report

Pledges for this fiscal year remain about $8,000 below the amount budgeted.  This is largely because of people who have left the congregation without paying their pledges.

Committee Reports

Building & Grounds    Andrea’s office has been painted and new carpet installed.  The committee is planning to begin painting the outside of the RE wing in early July.  Members and friends are asked to sign up for a space on the wall that they will paint.  Families are encouraged to participate.  Folks who cannot paint can support the project with monetary donations to pay for paint and supplies.  Phil repaired the stair railing at the end of the RE wing.

Finance Committee   Joe Long presented a proposal for a Capital Campaign to be carried out by an ad hoc committee coordinating closely with the Finance Committee.  He recommended planning the campaign this summer and carrying it out between September and November, 2016.

Publicity Committee    Marc and Patty sent an e-mail to some members seeking interest in serving on this committee.


Unfilled Positions   There is some uncertainty about which committees have chair persons for the new fiscal year.  There is an unfilled Trustee position.  It was suggested that we might recruit a Youth Member for the Board for this year.  Our website still has many flaws and no plan for maintenance.  The bylaws say the Technology Committee is responsible for the website.


Policy on Share the Plate Procedures   The policy was approved as presented.

Finance Committee Members   Caroline Eastman and Linda Brennison have offered to serve on the Finance Committee.  Both were approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Minutes recorded by

Sandy Chubon, Secretary