UCC Board of Trustees

Summary of June 18, 2014 Meeting


The Board of Trustees met on June 18, 2014 from 6:39 to 9:31 PM.  Ivy Coleman and Robin Scherer , Co-Presidents, chaired the meeting.  Newly elected members of the Board for 2014-2015 were guests at the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The current shortfall in pledges is $24,000; it is predicted that the final shortfall at the end of June will be $15,700.  Rental income is above projections by $1,300 and wage expenses are under by $14,000.  It is projected that expenses will be greater than income, resulting in a negative variance of $3,792 at the end of the fiscal year.

Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee conducted a thorough study of the results of this year’s canvass.  They noted that the way the current bylaws define and review membership makes it possible for an individual to be counted as a member for as long as 18 months without making any financial contribution to the UUCC.  The Committee recommended that the bylaws be changed to require an annual pledge as a requirement for membership.  There is a policy/procedure in the bylaws for exemptions for individuals who cannot afford to donate at the present time.

There are currently 46 members of the congregation who have not made a pledge for the coming fiscal year; this is 24% of the membership.  The UUCC cannot support its infrastructure with almost a quarter of its members not making any financial contribution.  There are 139 pledging units for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  Half of those units account for only 15% of the budget; the other half contribute 85%.

Membership Directory

Photographs for the Directory were taken in August and September of 2013.  We have missed several deadlines for submitting information to the publisher due to the administrator’s medical leave.  There will be free picture directories only for people who had photographs taken.  Others may buy a picture directory.  The order for the directories will be placed soon.

Policy on Policies

The Board approved a Policy on Policies.  This document will provide guidance to members or friends who wish to establish a new policy on any matter of concern to the congregation.  Currently work is underway to collect all our existing policies and put them into a consistent format and store them in a policy manual.