A Message from Building and Grounds

There has been a suggestion that we turn a portion of our open grounds area into a community garden. Also, several unauthorized plantings have occurred, and the Committee requested that these be removed. We do have a landscape plan drawn up by a landscape architect, and it has been the basis of our decisions regarding the grounds.  We also have a detailed policy regarding gifts to the congregation.  This policy includes gifts for the interior and exterior of the building.

It is probably good to recall that our open spaces are used for UUCC activities.  Some examples:

  • Outdoor services
  • The Beltane Fair where artisans can sell their wares and children and adults can dance around the Maypole
  • Our RE classes taking a Sunday off to slip and slide and splash each other on a hot August Sunday
  • The Fall Festival where we can play games and discover what’s to come from soothsayers and fortune tellers
  • Games of volleyball and softball
  • Easter egg hunts and Easter Bonnet parades

In any case, our landscape plan is not carved in stone and certainly could be revisited. If enough people think that it would be a good idea to have another community garden, there will be a need to commit to financing, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and distributing, as well as keeping it neat and presentable so it will fit in with the neighborhood.  If there is a group of UUCC members/friends that would like to submit a proposal for a community garden, please use this document for guidance.

For questions, BandGChair@uucolumbia.org