All UUCC activities and events and all rentals by members and non-members must be scheduled on the Administrator’s master calendar. The Administrator may be contacted by calling 803-799-0845 during office hours or sending an email to

  • Scheduling priority will be given to UUCC and Committee activities and events, then to other member and non-member usage, whether paid or unpaid, on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Paid rentals will not be considered “booked” until the signed contract and deposit are received.
  • In the event of a church emergency, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events or change area of usage.


Rental Fees

Social Hall
– Full Day  $300

– 1/2 Day (up to 6 hours) $150

Kitchen (add-on) $50

Sanctuary $300

Library $60

Classroom $50 (per room)

Whole Building $750 (Offices and Room 1 off limits)

– Sanctuary $300

– Sanctuary + Social Hall $375

– Sanctuary + Social Hall + Kitchen $500

– Previous night decorate/rehearse $50
Sound Tech Support
Sound Tech Support – $50/hour – Payable to Technician

Series of Classes/Meetings

For a series of classes or meetings the rate will be half the regular rate.

Member Usage at No Charge

Members may use the facilities at no charge for Rites of Passage (such as Baptism/Christening, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Memorial Service) and accompanying receptions. This does not include annual milestones such as birthday parties or anniversaries. No fee will apply to parties thrown by members to which the whole congregation is invited through invitation published in the Unigram.


All requests for exceptions to the above will be referred to the Board of Trustees.


Rental Procedure


Renter is to complete and sign Application for Use of Church Facilities. S/he should read and receive a copy of the Rules of Facilities Usage page and agree to it. UUCC representative signs accepted application and makes a copy for the renter.


$60 refundable fee for damages is collected at time contract is signed to hold date. Check is normally held and not deposited. Rent is due no later than two weeks before the event.


The will be given the keycode during the week of the event.


May be done at any time before event, usually when renter signs contract. Instructions are given on operating heat/ac, and location of lights, fire extinguishers, fire exits.

Deposit Refund

We request a report from our custodian on any damages or non-routine cleaning necessary. Some straightening of furniture, sweeping, bathroom touch-up, is to be expected. Non-routine items would include, but is not limited to, tables and chairs needing to be broken down, mopping, kitchen clean-up. Excessive clean-up will result in forfeiture of all or part of the deposit.