Short Term Board Goals 2019/2020

Increase number of visitors and retain as members.

Increase age diversity of members.

Identify two new ways to expose UUCC to the community.

Establish a Publicity Committee. (LDC?)

Raise visibility of UUCC in the Community. Get the word out.

Provide yellow “Standing on the Side of Love” T-shirts for all.

Increase membership in all Committees.

Reduce number of standing committees to five.

Develop training for Committee Chairs. (LDC?) Increase outreach of Endowment Committee.

Continue to work on Cross Team (Committee) development.

Provide more music for and by CYRE.

Develop a Digital Media Policy.

Increase building security in the RE Wing: door window covers, new locks on classrooms, cameras, Ring Doorbell

Develop Policy for Side Door Code lock.

Revisit the concept of UUCC Retreats.Find a nearer and less expensive venue for short membership retreats such as State Parks.


Long Term Goals 2019

Increase Racial Diversity of our membership from 1.7% to 5%.

Increase number of pledge units from 120 to 250.

Attract younger members and families.

Consider multiple services in order to remain in current facility as membership increases.

Grow endowment fund to $1 million.

Complete RE Wing Renovations or study rebuilding the RE Wing entirely using sustainable “green” construction methods.

Develop a comprehensive security policy to include finances.

Create a new budget for UUCC which includes a “pay yourself concept” such as a reserve fund.

Review, update and revise our By Laws.