Position Overview

The main responsibility of the Memorial Service Coordinator will be to coordinate memorial services for Members and Friends of UUCC as called upon.



Memorial Service:

The coordinator will work with the administrator, the Worship Committee Chair, and the chosen officiant helping the family to plan the service covering the following points.

  • Consult with administrator to learn date and discuss plans family has expressed (administrator will have gone over policies and discussed inurnment procedures in our memorial garden)
  • Establish if deceased was a member or non-member. Follow administrator’s instructions regarding expenses.
  • Check with administrator about payment due officiant
  • Consult with Worship Committee regarding officiant
  • How many expected at the service
  • Do they want special music or have musicians in mind
  • Do they have special readings, poems, or speakers they would like
  • Any special requests for OOS
  • Follow through to be sure the OOS information is given to the administrator in time for printing
  • What kind of reception do they want advising them what we typically provide (alcohol is provided at their expense)


Coordinator will also manage the following:

  • Advise and update the Caring Committee Chair of services upon learning the date and details
  • Prepare a room for the family of the deceased (arranged with the administrator)
  • Be available to the family to discuss flowers and make suggestions where we usually display flowers and church members that may be available to do the flowers
  • What plans do they have for flowers after the service
  • Check with those members of UUCC that help with flower arranging for their availability
  • Make sure there is a guest book and a proper place for it and that it needs to be at church prior to service
  • Discuss with the family about their desire to display pictures or memorabilia
  • Coordinate with the officiant of the service and the Chair of Tech Committee to be sure all details are taken care of such as sound, Power Point Projector/Screen, podium placements, special seating, etc.
  • Contact head usher to arrange for ushers and procedure for ushers to dismiss for reception line
  • Plan for reserved seating for family


With assistance of Kitchen Committee Chair

  • Arrange for Table Setup with Custodian/Administrator as soon as the service date is available
  • Cover tables with white cloths and clear plastic covers
  • All food preparation and service
  • Assist with clean up


With assistance of Caring/Hospitality Committee Chair

  • Contact members and friends to donate the food chosen for the menu
  • Assist in serving and clean up


It would also be the Memorial Service Coordinator’s responsibility to secure funds from the proper budget to purchase the necessary supplies for these services.


*(See Board Minutes, September 2018)