The Board approved the following subcommittees in compliance with the bylaws of the Congregation.

The subcommittees operate independently under the leadership of a chairperson.

Subcommittees of Building and Grounds:

Memorial Gardens Subcommittee

  • The charge to the MGC is to review the financial and physical status of the Memorial Garden and provide for its upkeep.

Security Subcommittee

  • The charge to the Security Committee is to review the security needs of the facility and make recommendations to improve the security of the building and the members

Subcommittees of Caring and Hospitality

The Kitchen Committee

The charges to the Kitchen Committee are:

  • Develop and propose procedures for the use of the kitchen in meeting the needs of the current functions
  • Prepare an organizational plan of the responsibilities of the Kitchen Committee
  • Prepare and propose a list of responsibilities for those using the kitchen facilities for events; and
  • Be responsible for proper spending of the Kitchen line item in the UUCC Budget

Subcommittees of Denominational Connections:

The Partner Church Committee

Subcommittees of Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee

  • The charge to the Fundraising Committee is to create fundraising events for the benefit of UUCC, coordinate dates for all events with the Finance Committee and work with the Administrator and the Publicity Committee (to be formed 7/1/2020) to publicize all events

Subcommittees of the Membership Committee

Publicity Committee

  • (Charge underdevelopment)

Subcommittees of the Social Action Committee

The Animal Ministry Committee

  • The charge to the Animal Ministry Committee is to advocate for the rights of all animals through education, legislation and other peaceful means

The Share the Plate Committee