Committee Chair: Linda McLeod

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Committee Members: Linda McLeod, Connie Quirk, Patty Drews, Joan Watterson, Kathy Farnsworth, Lis Jenkinson, Anna Thomas, Regina Moody, Jeanette Walton, Christina Seel


Major accomplishments this year.

The Kitchen Committee did not function this year due to Covid 19. We will wait to reopen the kitchen until it is safe to do so and allowed by the Board. Until such time access to the kitchen will be closed to discourage any use of those facilities.

  • Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.
  • Covid 19 has kept the Kitchen Committee from functioning since March 2020.

  • Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.
  • Connie Quirk has agreed to Co-chair the Kitchen Committee with Linda McLeod as we head into the coming fiscal year. Connie will oversee the physical management of the kitchen and Linda will continue to oversee the administrative aspects.

  • Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee
  • We look forward to our first Sunday Social Hour.
  • Just being together again for our first potluck.

  • Constraints on accomplishing these plans.
  • Ending Covid 19 and controlling future pandemics.


Respectfully submitted: Linda McLeod, Chair