Committee Chair: __Laura Hartwig

1 st _X_ 2 nd ___ 3rd ___ Check year of term

Committee Members:

started off with Beth Ann, Patty, and Olivia & Celeste, but covid has kept us from meeting.

Major accomplishments this year:

The congregation being closed has kept us from the usual making of signs and posters, flyers, etc.

– Created a Virtual Services banner for the front of the building and front sign

– Worked with membership on tracking and contacting virtual visitors

-Created new social media accounts including youtube, instagram, and twitter

-Posted sermons to YouTube & Website

-Posted services and events to facebook, instagram, & twitter

-Submitted a banner for printing about the in-person opening of the congregation.


We look forward to meeting in person again soon and helping advertise events among the congregation and the community.


Respectfully submitted: _Laura Hartwig