The mission of the UU Art Gallery program at UUCC is to recognize the artistic talent of the congregation and local artists, to encourage creativity, and to enrich visually the beauty of our building.


  • To increase knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts. as a means for personal expression and growth
  • To showcase outstanding original art by all ages
  • To provide outreach to the greater community and attract new members to the Congregation
  • To generate income through the sales of art work
  • To support the UUCC Mission

Exhibit Venue:

Art exhibits are hung in the Social Hall on 30 running linear feet of wall space approximately 10 feet tall.


Artists of all ages and level of achievement will be considered. Preference will be given to Members, Friends, and Youth of UUCC, but is not limited to those individuals.

Potential exhibitors are invited to complete a Request to Exhibit form (available online and in the UUCC office) and submit it, along with a minimum of five images of representative work, to the following address:

Art Exhibits
2701 Heyward St
Columbia, SC 29205-2523

Criteria for Selection:

The Art Exhibits Committee seeks a diversity of shows in a variety of wall-hung media, with content appropriate to the venue. Individual artists—whether emerging or mid-career, amateur or professional—are encouraged to consider this opportunity to exhibit their original work at UUCC. Group shows, organized around a theme, may also be proposed. Selection will be based on quality and presentation of the work, and the likely appeal of the show.  At least half the work on exhibit is expected to be for sale.
If UUCC agrees to host an exhibit for the artist(s), an Agreement will be sent detailing the arrangement and terms. This form should be signed and returned so that dates can be finalized.

Preparing the Work for Display:

Art work chosen for exhibit must be delivered ready to hang—attractively matted and/or framed, as appropriate to the pieces. UUCC provides French Gallery Rods; no additional hanging devices may be used without the permission of the Committee. Three-dimensional work cannot be included in the exhibit unless it can be hung securely from the rods.

It will be the responsibility of the exhibiting artist to deliver the work and assist in hanging the show. (Allow two hours) The artist will be given contact information for a member of the Committee with whom to coordinate hanging and taking-down activities, as well as any reception and sales. Prior to hanging, the exhibiting artist must also submit an Inventory to be used to prepare display tags and serve as a record of sales.


The artist must submit biographical material and jpgs to the Committee Contact. The exhibit will be publicized on the UUCC web site, the bi-weekly Unigram, and weekly Order of Service.  A press release to local media is possible.

Opening Reception:

After clearing plans with the Committee, it is the responsibility of the artist to contact the church office (803-799-0845) to schedule a date and time for a reception if one is desired. There will be no charge for the reception space; however, exhibitors are responsible for setup and clean-up. Generally, a Committee representative will attend the reception to assist with hosting and sales.

Sale of Art Work:

The Committee Contact will handle all sales.  Checks for sales (non-taxable) should be made payable to UUCC.  UUCC retains a 20% commission for Members, Friends, or UUCC Youth, and a 30% commission for Non-members. At the show’s conclusion UUCC will forward a check for the remainder to the exhibitor.

As specified in the Agreement, sold items should be picked up by the purchaser on the day the exhibit is taken down; unsold items must be removed by the exhibitor.

During the exhibit:

The exhibitor, with permission of the Committee, may provide replacements for any artworks sold to a person requesting immediate possession. Otherwise, it is preferable that all works remain in place for the duration of the exhibit.


All reasonable care will be taken of artwork on display. However, the church is not responsible for the loss of or damage to, any artwork; insurance is the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Revised Jan 2015