LA Flood2

When the UUA Southern Region asked for financial assistance for the flood victims in the Baton Rouge area UUCC immediately responded by asking our members and friends to help. So many lacked insurance and have lost everything. Remembering our own flood less than a year ago and the tremendous response we had from around the nation it was only natural to want to “pay it forward” and indeed we did. Within two weeks we collected $1,040 to send to the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge.  A very big thank you from the UUCC Social Action Committee and the Baton Rouge church.

.LA FloodOur Rev. Jennie Barrington wrote:
…the plight of our brother and sister UUs in Baton Rouge is the most important way we need to reach out beyond our congregation, now. My colleague, the Rev. Nathan Ryan, is the Assistant Minister of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. He writes, “Much of Baton Rouge and many of the surrounding cities are completely flooded. People are trapped in their homes, in cars, on interstates.  Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, are in makeshift shelters all over the city churches,
community centers, movie studios… All I’m asking is that you notice… All I’m asking is that you notice.” All of us who were here in October know firsthand how devastating, heartbreaking, and wearying a flood disaster is. In October, our congregation received support, including financial contributions, from UUs all over the nation. When we heard about the flooding in Baton Rouge, our congregation quickly organized an effort to send money for the flood victims in the Baton Rouge area.  Please consider donating! You can write a check to UUCC, and write “Flood Relief” in the memo
line, or put a cash donation in an envelope marked “Flood Relief for Baton Rouge.”
 I plan to give generously. Doing something helpful for someone beyond my ken leaves me feeling more grateful for the little that I can do to help, and more connected to strangers and the whole human race. Being a vehicle to help others collectively is one of the most valuable things our congregation allows us to do.