The registration fee of $180 double occupancy will be paid by UUCC for up to four participants.  Participants will be responsible for their transportation to and from The Mountain, a UUCC retreat near Highlands, NC. You must be a member in good standing of the UUCC to receive this grant. The Board of Trustees will select the participants.

For more information on Braving Space and The Mountain, see:

Braving Space – Congregational Leaders Retreat with UUA Staff

To apply, please complete the following information and email it, or deliver in person.

  • Name
  • Number of years as a member of UUCC
  • Current Leadership Role at UUCC
  • Former Leadership Roles at UUCC
  • As a leader why you would benefit from the Braving Space Leadership Retreat?
  • If you are not a former or current UU leader, why would this retreat be of benefit to you?
  • Would you be willing to share what you learn at Braving Space with the Congregation and if so, how would you do that?
    (Please attach extra page if needed)