Committee Chair – Linda McLeod


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Committee Members – Linda McLeod, Richard McLeod, Linda Brennison, Phil Turner, Lis Turner, Caroline Eastman, Shannon Edwards, Peck Drennan, John Logue, David Bryan, Bill Dolley, Pat Mohr


  • Major accomplishments this year.
  • We have accomplished many tasks as the committee worked together. All were important but the major accomplishments would be:
    • Repair of Soffits throughout the building
    • Repurposing of the raised bed for planting a life oak.
    • Restoration of the AIDS Memorial Garden
    • Replacement of all doorknobs in the RE wing keying to a uniform key.
    • Replaced the Heyward Street doors and repaired and restored other doors (Heyward Street doors covered under SLED Security Grant)
    • Repaired the deck and stairs that access the playground area.
    • Created a new office for the bookkeeper by splitting the workroom
    • Greatly improved the appearance of the UUCC grounds thanks to Sexton and Grounds Keeper, Bill Dolley.
    • Replaced damaged brick wall outside kitchen by installing a wood privacy wall and cleaned up the garbage/compost area.


  • Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.

            Facilitating Factors

  • The Building and Grounds Committee is an extraordinary group that works together very well to make so many good things happen to our facilities.
  • Bill Dolley was crucial to the many successes we enjoyed as he made us aware of necessary repairs and enhancements and followed through with plans.
  • Though our budget was smaller than what we had in the past we were able to use our funds to accomplish much.

Impeding Factors

  • A limited budget kept us from accomplishing some of our goals but we did much with what we had.,
  • Not having detailed information of our expenditures made it difficult for budget planning. That has been resolved with the assistance of our bookkeeper who has offered to provide this information of any of the line item accounts we maintain.


  • Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.
  • Due to necessary budget cuts we will be limited in what we do in this next year. We will only deal with those items that present immediate attention.


  • Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee
  • We would like to plan to follow the renovation plans and wall in the stage area providing storage and a better accommodation for the sound room
  • The air conditioning units in the RE Wing are going to need replacing before too long. It is just a matter of time since they over 20 years old.


  • Constraints on accomplishing these plans.
  • The only constraint is lack of funds to make these things happen.


Respectfully submitted,

Chair: Linda McLeod