Adult RE
Email Meeting held after regular meeting time cancelled due to storms
Old Business
Endowment committee. Report from Dot Brown: we are waiting for more info from Sej Harman and Joe Long about setting up and managing endowments. ARE will sponsor after speakers are determined.
Christian group. Report from Jenny Beale: Small participation at this point, but there’s been only two meetings, so they hope to attract more.
UUA Common Read of The Third Reconstruction  Report from Keitha Whitaker: there was good turnout (about twelve people) and efforts are underway in Columbia to form a combination group to coordinate for protest/resistance groups.  All present we’re in some way participating in protests, walks, writing legislators, joining groups, donating to different causes and organizations
Classes on God Is Not One by Prothero. Report from Donald Cooper: we are halfway through God is Not One, but it has taken longer than planned because each chapter takes a whole session to discuss.
Session on How to Plan A Funeral (Tony Ganong). Update: session was cancelled due to low number who signed up; may be re-
scheduled for UUCC only.
Library proposal
Report from Stephanie Palmer-Smith on Library committee: Regina Moody, Gail Dawson, and I have successfully resorted through 60% of the books that remain in storage and we have started shelving in the library.  I am still awaiting a committee decision about how the books should be organized and will keep working to get more of our collection back up on the shelves.
New Business:
Movie Club #2
Now Is The Time
. Report from Emilio Perez: Emilio will look into whether it will be easier to show it at the UUCC or have people watch it first at home.
We’re not ready to move with it yet. But I have an update about another event advocating for universal healthcare next Saturday. See Facebook link below. I will be one of the speakers for the event.
Discussion of new spiritual practices class from Rebecca CSAI discussion, and class for new members (Dot & Pat).
(from Rebecca) I am willing to teach a class on Spirituality. Four nights in May are doable. What does the committee think? I’ll attach an announcement. I have many other ideas, if this course doesn’t sound interesting. If this doesn’t feel right, I can teach on how to plan a funeral or memorial.
Pat Mohr, Chair
Animal Ministry Committee
The Animal Ministry sponsored
Palmetto Lifeline’s fundraiser, “Bark to the Park” on Saturday, April 8, at Finley Park. Although turnout was low, we still managed to raise over $1000 for Palmetto Lifeline to help to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs, who would otherwise be euthanized.
There will be no monthly meeting in May.
Anita Grossman, Chair
Building & Grounds Committee
Building Renovations Committee
The Cmte met on April 11th.
The feedback from the several meetings with constituent groups and the congregation has been compiled into a “wish list” of items that could be added to the renovations should funding remain after planned improvements are completed. A few adjustments were
made to the list, but the consensus of the cmte was to put it aside until we have official cost estimates from contractors and at that time prioritize it. Established a sequence of actions with dates for having  the electrician evaluate the building, give an assessment, and provide recommendations, have plans by mid-May, and a target date to be able to bid by June. Discussed process for selection of a Contractor and possible criteria. Also, began a list of names. Discussed likely construction schedule and potential conflicts with the Hogwarts camp in late July; decided that work would likely not begin until just after the camp.
Next CBR meeting will be May 10th
Caring & Hospitality Committee
CYRE (Children & Youth Religious Education) Committee
The CYRE Committee met March 1, 2017.
March highlights included:
Miniature House raffle to fund an ad in the Free Times for Hogwarts 2017 was a success! Bob Whitaker won the raffle.
We are continuing to actively recruit 4th–6th Grade OWL participants. We are in a holding pattern until we have at least 5 participants, preferably 8. Registration is open! We still need at least 3 or 4 more OWL Instructors. Talk with Keitha or Stephanie if you are interested in taking the training to be an OWL instructor and for a list of upcoming trainings.
April highlights included:
A bonny Easter Parade and egg hunt. Fun for all!
Earth Day Service
Beltane Crafter’s Faire
We will offer Hogwarts 2017 for two weeks this summer, July 17-21 and July 24-28.
We are looking for Master Witches and Master Wizards as well as a few ghosts to make this an enchanting event for our young witches and wizards. Contact Stephanie, DRE, orGail Dawson ( to offer your magical talents. Registration is open!