This year, Rev. Zsolt Solymosi, minister of the Transylvania, Romania Partner Church, brought one of his younger parishioners, Alex Balint, along with him so that he could experience our country and feel the love we have for him and his people.  We managed to keep them busy during the short time they had with us.  Some of the highlights included:

Rev. Robinson, Alex, and Rev. Solymosi
Rev. Robinson, Alex, Rev. Solymosi

Rev. Zsolt and Goulash

On Friday, Rev. Zsolt and the Partner Church Committee prepared a Goulash Dinner with other members providing the sides and desserts.  Following that delicious meal, we were treated to a magnificent concert by Matthew Ganong, expertly emceed by Richard McLeod.  Rev. Zsolt spoke to us afterwards saying how moving the piece was for him and how happy he was to see our Partner Church wall in the sanctuary.  Alex also spoke to us briefly that evening.

Rev. Zsolt Solymosi

Rev. Zsolt, Alex, and Rev. Stephen


Cake of Friendship

On Sunday, Rev. Zsolt delivered a moving sermon and, once again, Alex spoke to us of his experience in Bezsterce.  Following the social time after the service, there was a discussion of offering another pilgrimage to Romania in 2024.  Rev. Zsolt would arrange and guide the tour.





On Tuesday, the fourth of July, he wrapped up the visit with a fun picnic in the countryside at one of our members’ properties.  The day included Food, Fun, and Fireworks.  A perfect ending to a perfect visit!