Article II Study Commission, Article II Study Report 2021-2023. Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association. Describes the charge from the UUA to the Commission and their work in rewriting Article II. (pdf, 24 pgs)

Ing, Kenneth (2023) Frequently Questioned Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Article II Revisions. Response to the UUA’s Article II FAQs, providing answers from an alternative perspective.

Ing, Kenneth (2023) A Case for Retaining the Current UU Principles and Sources. Explains why UUs should retain the current Article II, highlights the strengths of the 7 Principles and contrasts them to the proposed 6 Values and Covenants that would replace them. (pdf, 12 pgs +appendix).

McWethy, Susan (June 2023) Let’s Save Unitarian Universalism. A succinct overview of the proposed Article II rewrite and why it should be rejected. Designed to serve as a one-page handout. (pdf, 1 pg)

Stevenson, Kathy (December 2022) Unitarian Universalist Principles and Article 2. Guest post by congregant, Quimper UU Fellowship, Port Townsend, WA. Includes a brief history of the Principles and racial justice initiatives within UU, in support of the Article 2 revision. (pdf, 4 pg)

Unitarian Universalist Association (2023) Article II Proposal (amendments listed separately below). This is the proposed rewrite of Article II of the UUA bylaws with the approved amendments passed at the GA 2023 listed at the bottom. The final vote will be held at GA in June 2024.

Unitarian Universalist Association (March 20, 2023) Frequently Asked Questions: Article II Study and Revisions. A comprehensive introduction to Article 2, beginning in 1961, at the time of its consolidation, continuing with the UUA’s major revisions currently in progress. Note the links to earlier articles appearing in issues of UU World, 2000 and 1961.