Denominational Connections provides information about our wider UU world. You’ll find posts about happenings and events in our Southern Region and important connections to the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association). Our current Chair of the Denominational Connections is Keitha Whitaker ( Follow this link to our Denominational Connections pages.

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Our Bylaws describe the Denominational Connections Committee in this way:

(e) Denominational Connections Committee–
The Denominational Connections Committee should consist of a Chair and three or more Members or Friends of the
Congregation. The Denominational Connections Committee shall:
(i)  provide a liaison between the congregation and the UUA and the appropriate subsidiary jurisdictions of the UUA
(ii)  encourage interest and participation in denominational concerns, activities, and events
(iii)  keep appropriate committees informed about denominational initiatives, resources, and services relating to their areas of responsibility
Revised as of June 7, 2015