Bryan, Rev. Rebecca (Jan. 9, 2022) An Introduction to the UU Principles. Includes the proposed 8th Principle and offers brief commentary about how each of the principles might apply in our lives. Filmed from different locations at the First Religious Society church and Newburyport, MA. (10 min)

Humphries, Rev Tara (June 26, 2023) An update from Rev. Tara about UUMA Ministry Days and UUA General Assembly A young UU minister offers her congregation this upbeat overview of her 2023 General Assembly experience, how it mattered to her, what inspired her, and what broke her heart. (21 min)

Ing, Kenneth (April 2023) Accountability WILL Transform UU: Every Member Should Form An Opinion About The UU Principles Rewrite. Posits that the accountability language of the Article II rewrite (initial approval at GA 2023) with its covenantal language, redefinition of the Purposes of the UUA, and its changes to the Freedom of Belief clause, as well as potential Article III revisions will change Unitarian Universalism — and not for the better. Assertions are backed up with statements from UUA leaders and documents going back to 2015. (56 min)

Moro, Rev Craig (June 2022) The Seven Principles. A poetic reflection on the beauty and power of the Seven Principles which guide us to the best that religion has to offer, while avoiding the worst. (7 min) [Excerpted from The Best and the Worst of Religion, which was a response to the proposed 8th Principle that influenced the Article II revision (11 min)].

McWethy, Susan (2023) Unitarian Universalism is at Risk of Losing its Soul. A succinct introduction to the meaning and significance of Article II, explaining what’s at stake with the revision and why it should be rejected in 2024. (16 min)

Schwartz, Rev David (Feb 2023) How (and Why) We Got Our Unitarian Universalist 7 Principles. For more than two centuries, the principles and purposes of our tradition have changed in their expression and remained constant at the same time. How do we articulate what we believe in a creed-less religion? (20 min)

Wheeler, Rebecca (8/13/2023) The Cusp of a Moment: Discerning What It Means to be Unitarian Universalist. Provides historical background of the revision of our principles in 1961 and 1985, positing that the proposed Article II revision is part of our living tradition. Invites reflection on meanings and interconnections among values in the imagery and content in proposed Article II values. (25 min)

Yandle, Rev Jami, et al (1/15/2023) Article II, What Does it Do? (25 min) UU sermon on why we need to revise Article II, includes historical background on links between UUs and Martin Luther King Jr., including his Ware lecture to the UUA. See also the Story for All Ages (4 min).

Yandle, Rev Jami & Whiteaker-Lewis, Corinna (2023) Proposed Changes to Article II of the UUA Bylaws. Narrated PowerPoint slideshow presentation on the process and content of the proposed Article II. (19 min)