• Meetings will be held on the last Sunday of each month
  • Ask for chalice lighter for following month at each meeting
  • Send an email to the committee 2 weeks prior to meeting asking for suggested agenda items
  • Prepare and email an agenda to all committee members at least 4 days in advance of meeting
  • Publicize the meeting date two weeks in advance in the Order of Service and the Eblast,

Meeting Notes and Reports

  • Make provisions for taking notes of the meeting. These need not be formal minutes but notes about what was discussed. You may appoint a recording Secretary.
  • Email the notes to all members as soon as possible. This keeps members involved and interested in what your committee is doing
  • Prepare a monthly committee report as requested by the administrator by the required deadline. These reports are shared with all other committee chairs and the Board. This is very important as it is a means of communication between committees.

Financial Matters

  • Prepare an annual budget request when notified by the Finance Committee. This budget should be discussed with your committee.
  • Submit the budget to the Finance Committee prior to the deadline date requested. If you don’t submit your budget requests, you will only be allowed the amount (or perhaps even less) given the year prior. The Finance Committee must know what your budgetary needs are to prepare the budget planning for the entire church. Your final budget may be adjusted after review by the Board during the annual budget planning. Therefore, it is important to create an accurate budget giving explanations for requested increases and indicating which items are a priority for your committee in the upcoming year.
  • Keep a record of your committee expenditures watching that you are in line with the amount allowed in the annual budget for your committee.
  • Check the financial reports that you receive each month and compare your expense records to the report. If you have questions, contact the bookkeeper.

Events and Activities

The Social Action Committee has several annual events or activities they sponsor each year, in addition to events and opportunities that arise during the year. Typical events include:

  • Pride Parade in late September or early October requiring the reservation of a float no later than January. (See attached event information on this event.)
  • UUSC Guest at your Table during the month of November (See attached information on this event.) The entire month of November is UUSC month.
  • Families Helping Families mid to end of November. (See attached information on this event.)
  • Special speaking engagements or presentations as requested. These can be of your committee’s suggestions or whatever becomes appropriate during the year.
  • Plan rallies and marches. These should be done with as much advance planning as possible, considering banners, tables, tents, handouts, and anything else that will make your event successful. Prepare your publicity notices for these events to the entire congregation through Eblast, OOS, Unigram, and website and submit to the administrator, publicity chair, or website manager.
  • Reserve any dates you are planning with the administrator so they will be included on the UUCC It is very important to reserve dates for all annual events, (Pride Parade, Families Helping Families, UUSC – GAYT potluck date) as early in the year as possible. This will avoid last minute calendar conflicts.
  • When planning events consider other activities occurring that might be taking place at or near the time or date that you are requesting to determine if there is conflict such as too many fundraisers around the same date.
  • The UUCC calendar is on our website and can give you all the information about dates, times, and venues available. Review the calendar for available dates prior to asking the Administrator to reserve a date. The Administrator must have an emailed request in order to reserve dates on the calendar.
  • Consider the venue you may want to use for your event or even a meeting (i.e., social hall, kitchen, classroom, sanctuary, etc.) Is it available? It must be reserved on the calendar.