Your delegates promised to follow up their report about GA on July 9. It was intended to offer you a variety of perspectives on GA, and it certainly did that.  Linda presented a viewpoint on what could be prompting a call for change and Deb presented some information about wonderful programs & materials offered at GA, while Pat voiced her concerns about the revision of the Article II bylaws that just passed a preliminary vote at GA.

The feedback we heard after the service indicates that you would welcome the resources and information from GA, and that you have still more questions about Article II. (Apparently, a few folks thought there would be discussion after the service, but that was not the case.) We have attached the PowerPoint slides from the service titled “UUCC General Assembly report July 2023″.

As promised by Pat, the Denominational Connections Committee plans to provide opportunities for discussion of this revision in the coming months, through online and in-person meetings and classes. Please check the Denominational Connections Committee page on the UUCC web site and our e-blast periodically for up-to-date information.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to carefully read and reflect on slides 8, 9 and 10 on the Article-II-proposed-changes-2022-11-07-1, Values and Covenant. Also attached is the Article II Study Report to the Board of Trustees from the UUA website (describing the background, process and substance, that was issued prior to General Assembly). Below are links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a video from the UUA website.  FAQs and  Video.    As your UUCC delegates noted, most UUs (86% of delegates) voted for the revision,  as urged by leaders, “to continue the conversation” over the coming year. The final vote will occur at the 2024 GA.  We also encourage all members of the Congregation to research additional work the Article 2 Study Commission has published to date on the UUA website. And please stay tuned for more opportunities for discussion at UUCC.

Deb and Linda covered other aspects of General Assembly that we felt were important and that the Congregation might benefit from learning about. Deb was particularly inspired by Brian Broome, award-winning author and featured speaker at GA. She was also inspired by the opportunity to share thoughts and resources with other congregations, including sharing some of our practices with others, in hopes of us all gleaning helpful hints and practices from others in traversing these turbulent times together.

Believe us, a 20 minute sermon cannot do justice to all that occurs at GA. The UUA website has videos of many General Assembly proceedings that are available to all.  Deb, Pat, Linda and other registered attendees to GA have access to many different resources- sessions, on-demand workshops, webinars, and other tools- until September 15. Some of those resources are noted on the slides at the end of the presentation. (One exception- the very last slide of the presentation lists most of UU organizations whose brochures we shared on the table in the social hall after the service. That slide highlights The UU Hysterical Society- an organization as delightful as its name!) The full list of on-demand resources is provided in the separate Word document.

Let us proceed in love and support of each other and our wonderful irreplaceable UUCC.

With great respect, appreciation and love,

Deb Matherly, Pat Mohr and Linda Brennison, delegates from UUCC to UUA General Assembly 2023