These recordings will be available to registrants through September 15. Please contact Deb, Pat or Linda for information on viewing an item with others, such as committee members. (Pat, Deb or Linda will have to log in and/or host.) Joint pre-screenings can be arranged to confirm suitability, format and content.

ID Event Name Possible  Interest TYPE
102 Banner Parade Worship, Archives Worship
103 Opening Celebration: What’s the Point? Worship, Music Worship
104 General Session I General Session General Session
201 “Award-Winning Author Brian Broome, 2023 Featured Speaker” ARE Speaker
202 Disrupting Church: Creating What’s Next Board, CYRE Workshop
203 Empowering Young Leaders and Building Multigenerational Community Board, CYRE, ARE Workshop
204 Immigrant Justice Portals: Faithful Service Through Community Relationships Social Action Webinar
205 Living Into Stewardship Now Finance Webinar
207 General Session II General Session General Session
207B President’s Report President’s Report President’s Report
208 Service of the Living Tradition: Toward Our Metamorphosis into Who Knows What Public Event Public Event
301 “Liberation, Incarceration, and Our Faith: CLF Worship” Worship Worship
302 A Trauma Toolkit for Leaders: An Interactive Workshop Board, ARE, Shared Ministry, Care Team Workshop
303 Fahs to the Future! CYRE, ARE Workshop
304 The Spiritual Practice of Mussar   Webinar
305 “UUtheVote: Mapping Our Impact, Charting Our Future” Social Action Webinar
307 General Session III   General Session
308 “Resist, Respond, Reimagine: A Side With Love Rally”   Rally
309 Synergy Bridging Worship CYRE Available on 7/6/2023
401 Deeper Than The Skin Music Available on 7/6/2023
402 WEAV: A Path to Sacred Change for Congregations Worship, Membership? Available on 7/6/2023
403 What Now?! UU Racial Justice Wisdom & Resources Available on 7/6/2023
404 Becoming a More Welcoming Class-Inclusive Faith Community ARE, Membership Available on 7/6/2023
405 Mental Health Peer Support in Congregations Care team Available on 7/6/2023
406 General Session IV   General Session
407 2023 Ware Lecture: Imani Perry   Available on 7/6/2023
501 Sunday Worship: Ever Willing: Becoming the People Our World Needs Available on 7/6/2023
502 General Session V & Closing Celebration General Session
601 A Concert to Celebrate Our Resilient Planet Music, CUUPS On-Demand Programming
602 A History of How God Became Optional ARE, Forum On-Demand Programming
603 A Necessary Roadmap for Positive White Antiracist Lives Denominational Connections, Membership, Forum On-Demand Programming
604 “A Zoom Transformation: Build Community, Practice Inclusion” Membership, ARE On-Demand Programming
605 “All That You Touch, You Change” ARE On-Demand Programming
606 All Things Are Connected Green team, .. On-Demand Programming
607 Beloved Conversations: Racial Justice as Faithful Practice Denominational Connections, Forum On-Demand Programming
608 Bringing the ‘AI Conversation’ Into Your Congregation Technology On-Demand Programming
609 Building a Better World! – with Role-Playing Games! ARE, CYRE, YA, SA On-Demand Programming
610 Building a Statewide Nonviolent Democracy Movement Social Action, SCUUJA On-Demand Programming
611 Building Resilience Amidst Continual Upheaval & Change Shared Ministry, Board On-Demand Programming
612 Changing the Name of your Congregation   On-Demand Programming
613 “Colonialism: Religious Vision, Pursuit of Profit, or Both” ARE, Forum On-Demand Programming
614 Colonization Footnotes ARE, Forum On-Demand Programming
615 Conflict Resolution Unifying Congregations Through Collaborative Decision Making Shared Ministry, ARE, Board On-Demand Programming
616 Congregation-Community Collaboration: Support Group for Caregivers Care Team On-Demand Programming
617 Creating a Responsible Congregation Shared Ministry, Board On-Demand Programming
619 Ecology as Scripture Forum, ARE On-Demand Programming
620 Exploring A Call to Ministry in Today’s World Worship, Social Action On-Demand Programming
621 Exploring Pathways to Fossil-Free Personal Divestment Finance, Green team, B&G On-Demand Programming
622 Exploring the Geography of Grief Care team On-Demand Programming
623 Faithfully Becoming a Sustainable Community through Peace Heroism B&G?, Green Team, Social Action On-Demand Programming
624 Faithfully Becoming UU Federal Advocates for Justice   On-Demand Programming
625 Faithfully Finding Balance: Reaching In and Reaching Out ARE, All? On-Demand Programming
626 Gray Panthers and Radical Grannies Social Action, ARE, Forum On-Demand Programming
627 Honoring All Leadership Gifts Board On-Demand Programming
628 Hope is a Discipline: Creating Narratives for Justice ARE, CYRE On-Demand Programming
629 Interrogating the Gaze of Unitarian Universalist Women Writers ARE, Forum On-Demand Programming
630 Islam and Unitarian Universalism: A Positive Dialogue Interfaith group? On-Demand Programming
631 “Journaling: Possibilities, Benefits, and Getting Started” ARE On-Demand Programming
632 Let’s Build a Multi-Platform Community of Communities Technology, ? On-Demand Programming
633 Make Money while Doing Good Finance? On-Demand Programming
634 Making Your Congregation an Employer of Choice Personnel On-Demand Programming
635 May You Survive and Thrive! A Biodiversity Curriculum Green team, CYRE, ARE On-Demand Programming
636 Minns Lecture: Answering the Call of the Cosmos   On-Demand Programming
637 Money as an 8th Principle Action Tool Finance, SA On-Demand Programming
638 Navigating Troubled Waters: A Framework for Right Relations Shared Ministry On-Demand Programming
639 New Options in End-of-Life Care Care team On-Demand Programming
640 Next Steps into Anti-Racism and Reparations Denominational Connections, Finance, Social Action On-Demand Programming
641 No More Mission Trips: Disaster Response as Justice Social Action, Green Team, Partner Church, UUSC On-Demand Programming
642 Organizing Your Congregation for Reproductive Justice Social Action On-Demand Programming
643 Our Global Faith: Building a New Way   On-Demand Programming
644 People of Faith Responding to Apartheid Social Action, Forum, ARE On-Demand Programming
645 Radical Welcome as a Catalyst for Congregational Growth Membership, Board, ARE On-Demand Programming
646 Recovering White Moderates: Stepping out of Moderation Social Action, ARE On-Demand Programming
647 Restorative Circles: Faithfully Addressing Conflict Shared Ministry On-Demand Programming
648 Spiritual Leadership: Becoming Who We’re Born to Be Board, ARE On-Demand Programming
649 Spiritual Practices and the Climate Crisis Green team, Social action On-Demand Programming
650 Successful Lay Ministries in Congregations of Any Size Shared Ministry On-Demand Programming
651 Supporting Asylum Seekers as a Congregation Social Action On-Demand Programming
652 The Mountain Top: Journeying in BIPoC Multicultural Ministry Shared Ministry, Worship, Membership On-Demand Programming
653 The Repercussions of Misconduct Board, Shared Ministry On-Demand Programming
654 The Year to Save the Earth Green team, Social action, ARE, B&G On-Demand Programming
655 Theologically Grounding Unitarian Universalism’s Commitment to Racial Justice ARE, Worship On-Demand Programming
656 Transforming Policing in the 21st Century Social Action On-Demand Programming
657 UU Livestream Production: Building Community with Tech Technology On-Demand Programming
658 Wellness and Mutual Aid Care team On-Demand Programming
659 “Working with Labor: Organize, Organize, Organize” Social Action On-Demand Programming