Ginny Verne, Bookkeeper

I was raised in a Christian home by parents who lived out their strong moral and ethical values by caring for family and community and by providing as best they could for the needs of others.

As I grew up, I absorbed their value system and still today I continue to strive to live in the same way.

However, in time I began to question some of the Christian dogma. I found myself more and more uncomfortable with worship services and doctrine.

Finding the UU was perfect for me: Here I am allowed to retain – and am expected to practice – all of the positives of my Christian upbringing while not being required to subscribe to someone else’s beliefs.  As a bonus, the congregation provides a warm and close community. This is my “family away from home”.

I have served as the bookkeeper for UUCC since 2014. It is an honor to be entrusted with the financial record keeping for our congregation. I retired from my accounting career MANY years ago. I have enjoyed sweeping the dust and cobwebs from the professional corners of my brain.