Each year, toward the end of October, the UUCC  celebrates Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This annual ritual provides an opportunity for us to give our  sorrow words, as we remember those who have died and  stay connected to them with our ability to remember. For  may of us, the pandemic has caused us to be more  isolated as we deal with tremendous fear, death, and loss.  When we gather as a community on October 31st, some  in person and some virtually, we have the opportunity to  come out of the isolation and silence, and give words to  our sorrow.
As we prepare for this service, we will especially be remembering the members and friends  who have died since the last time we held this ritual. However, Dia de los Muertos provides a  chance to remember all who have died, no matter how long ago. You will have an opportunity  to bring pictures of loved ones you are remembering to the service, and we will have a table  set up to display the pictures. For those who participate virtually, you can email me a picture  and the name of the loved one you are remembering, and I will make sure they are included in
our service. So many things connect us together as a community at the UUCC, and our experience of loss
and grief connects us deeply as the common experience of our humanity. I look forward to  leading our ritual of connecting and remembering.

Rev. Stephen Robinson