The Leadership Development Committee nurtures leadership within the congregation.

How selected

The congregation elects three members for a two-year term; the Board appoints one of its members to serve, and the past president automatically becomes a member of the committee.

Duties & responsibilities

Members of the committee participate in identifying, recruiting, and briefing candidates for leadership positions.  As requested by the Board of Trustees, it advises on the appointment of chairs for standing committees.  It prepares a slate of nominations for those positions for which a congregational vote is required.  The slate for the upcoming fiscal year is published two weeks prior to the annual meeting in late spring.

Time Commitment

Attendance at its regular meetings (typically three times a year)

Frequent on-line correspondence


Member in good standing at UUCC

Acquainted with the congregation’s members, its culture and dynamics

Proven (or potential) leadership abilities

Visionary and adaptive

Comfortable working under deadlines

Access and proficiency with computers and the, internet



Revised as of June 7, 2015

Section 8.


(I)  Leadership Development Committee–

The Leadership Development Committee shall consist of the Past President of the Congregation, one voting member of the Board chosen by the Board, and three members elected by the Congregation.

The Committee shall select its own Chair. Elected members will serve staggered two-year terms. At each Annual Meeting, the Leadership Development Committee shall nominate individuals for the following offices:

(i)  President-Elect

(ii)  Secretary (in even-numbered years)

(iii)  Treasurer (in odd-numbered years)

(iv)  Trustee (two in odd-numbered years and three in even-numbered years)

(v)  The members of next year’s Leadership Development Committee

The nominations shall be published two Sundays prior to the Annual Meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor with the consent of the nominees. In the event of a vacancy on the Leadership Development Committee, the President, with the approval of the Board, shall appoint an individual to serve until the next Annual Meeting at which time the position shall be filled by nomination and congregational election. Membership on the Leadership Development Committee shall not preclude election to the Board.

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for identifying potential officers, Trustees, committee members, Committee Chairs, and program committee leaders, and providing ongoing leadership development of both existing and prospective leaders.