Our Mission

Our Adult Religious Education Program strives to support each person’s search for truth and meaning through intellectual and spiritual growth in an environment of respect and trust where each person is known and valued for who they are.

UUCC Book ClubOur Curriculum

We offer opportunities for adults from the UUCC congregation and the church’s wider community to grow intellectually and spiritually through faith development, faith in action, spiritual practice, and personal growth.

  • Faith development includes opportunities to develop personal understanding of truth and meaning by exploring theology, ethics, religion, humanism, Unitarian Universalism’s seven principles, and Unitarian Universalist history.
  • Faith in action provides intellectual and spiritual foundations, through the lenses of the seven UU principles, personal faith, and the congregation’s mission, for understanding social and environmental justice challenges and for initiating individual and collective action.
  • Spiritual practice programs support development of personal and communal spiritual disciplines and practices that help individuals connect with the ground of their being, however they understand it.
  • Personal growth programs provide education and group support for meeting the challenges of life and for recognizing and developing each person’s gifts, and discovering ways for sharing those gifts with the congregation and the community.