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January 2022 in CYRE:

Hello everybody!

Happy New Year! Watch this space for CYRE updates.

image of a group of people in the shape of a heart. Text reads: Side with Love, amplify, multiply, ground.

This Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, there is so much weighing on our hearts. Our nation is again in the grips of an enormous surge in COVID cases, overwhelming our hospitals and destabilizing schools, businesses, and more. Voting rights legislation is being held hostage yet again by elected leaders who refuse to protect us from election sabotage and voter suppression. Cultural battles are making their way into courtrooms, legislative sessions, and school board meetings, with opponents to abortion care, transgender rights, and honest conversation about race and white supremacy dominating the news and social media.

If ever there were a time our spirits needed nourishment, it is now.

So in the midst of all that is hard, Side With Love is honored to invite you to join us in this year’s 30 Days of Love – our annual season of spiritual nourishment, political deepening, and collective action to embody our values and work for collective liberation.

Each week of 30 Days of Love will focus on one of Side With Love’s intersectional justice priorities. Although each week will have a primary focus, you will notice a lot of overlap – demonstrating just how intersecting these issues are. Every week will include a variety of resources, activities, and opportunities for engagement for people of all ages. Check out our offerings here

Your CYRE Needs Your Help!

Have you heard the latest news? We could still use a few volunteers to help us in the classrooms as teachers, to assist on Free Play Days, and to watch over any little ones who may be in our nursery. Please speak to Scott or Mckenzie if you would like to give the gift that keeps giving long after the holidays!

Are We Not Drawn Onward, We Few, Drawn Onward To New Era?

You probably have already noticed that today’s newsletter is being issued on 12/22/21, a date which is a palindrome, which is to say, it reads the same forwards as it does backwards, as do words such as “level” or “kayak,” and names including Otto. And you probably have already noticed that this year started with a palindromic date on 1/2/21.

But did you notice that this year had ten, that’s right, ten palindromic dates in a row, from 1/20/21 to 1/29/21? It all started on 1/20/21, the day President Biden and Vice President Harris were inaugurated, making this the first occurrence of a palindromic inaugural date in US history. If you missed it, please make a note on your schedule to catch the next one, due to occur 1/20/21 (that’s January 1st, 3021).

And in this month, there were an additional nine palindromic dates in a row, from 12/1/21 to 12/9/21. 12/2/21 is not only a palindromic number, but it also appears the same when entered into an analog calculator and viewed upside down. As if that isn’t enough, this date is also palindromic if written in eight digit format (12/02/2021).

In all, there were 22 palindromic dates in 2021, which seems excessive. Fortunately for us, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Portland, Oregon, Dr. Aziz Inan, has been studying palindromes for over a decade. He explains that “The only two years in a century that contain 22 palindrome dates are the ones ending with 11 and 21. The year 2011 had 22, and in the next century, they will be found in 2111 and 2121.”

So keep your eyes open in 2022 for words, numbers, and dates which just might be palindromes! Have you found any in this newsletter? Underline every one that you see. Can you claim the top spot? Don’t nod.

Keep an eye open for:

Bird rib,
Bursitis rub,
Evil olive
Lion oil,
gnu dung,
Space caps,
Star rats,
Race car
senile felines,
ton’s o’ snot,
top step’s pup’s pet spot,
UFO tofu,
some emos,
Tahiti hat,
tangy gnat,
mirror rim,
my gym,
smart rams,
maps, DNA, and spam.

If palindromic free verse is not your cup of tea, imagine what a Dr. Seussian palindromic verse might be:

Oh who was it I saw, oh who?
Was it a bat I saw?
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Was it a rat I saw?
Oh who was it I saw, oh who?

Forget social media! Palindromes are an excellent way to keep up with your friends’ activities.

Stella won no wallets, Nate bit a Tibetan, and Delia saw I was ailed, but Dennis and Edna sinned, poor Dan is in a droop, Pa’s a sap, and Ma is as selfless as I am. Did Hannah see bees? Hannah did. Margot trades used art to Gram, while Marge lets Norah see Sharon’s telegram.

Also, the latest celebrity gossip:

Otto made Ned a motto:
“Oh no! Don Ho!”
Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz’ rat.
Lisa Bonet ate no basil.
Avid diva!

Should we fiddle with a palindromic riddle?

Which would you rather have, an
oozy rat in a sanitary zoo,
or a wet sanitary rat in a stew?

What goes together better than Christmas and science fiction?

Neil, an alien, asked, “did you know there is a Santa at NASA?” He did, eh? Flee to me, remote elf! It is almost time for Leon’s noel!

What does the 7th UU Principle tell us?

Step on no pets.
No, it is opposition.
Step pals never even slap pets.

What did the impatient driver in front of the former first lady of Argentina say?

Pull up, Eva, we’re here! Wave! Pull up!
Pull up if I pull up!

OK, that was pretty bad. I feel like Dr. Awkward, diagnosing a case of aibohphobia. But what is this you say? I promised there would be no more palindromes?

I did, did I?


Well, here is a (hopefully better) Unitarian Universalist palindromic (by verse) poem:

“Do Geese See God?”

We few.
We panic in a pew:
“Evil, a sin, is alive!”
Devil never even lived.
No devil lived on.
Do, O God, no evil deed! Live on! Do good!
I’m a pup, am I?
I’m a fool? Aloof am I?
Revered now, I live on. O did I do no evil, I wonder, ever?
In words, alas, drown I.
Evil did I dwell, lewd did I live.
Did I do, O God, did I as I said I’d do? Good, I did.
Drawn, I sit; serene rest is inward.
Is it I? It is I!

Now I won!

[existing palindromes, artfully arranged by Scott Sargent, DRE]

So learn more about palindromes, and it will make the world a better place, won’t it now?

And Finally, an Inspirational Thought for the Day

“Live not on evil.”
-Anonymous (OK, actually that’s another palindrome, but it’s also sound advice.)

DRE, Scott SargentMy warm regards to you all, 

Scott Sargent, Director of Religious Exploration
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia
2701 Heyward Street
Columbia, SC 29205; (803)799-0845
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