Annual Report for Committees, 2019-2020


Committee Name: Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Nancie Shillington-Perez

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Committee Members:


Major accomplishments this year. 

1)“Welcome Back Fall Gathering” (Campfire, singing, volleyball, badminton, and s’mores)

2) Signed on 17 new members

3) Started “New UU Classes” again after 5-6 years. Series of three classes from 12:15-1:45 every Sunday, included heavy snacks.

4) Karen Brown (helper extraordinaire) organized Circle Suppers after several years absence. 

5) Three members of Membership applied for a grant that would provide more security of people within the UUCC & building.

6) Helped advocate for the need for Publicity Committee


Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.

1) (Facilitated) Outstanding DRE is building connections to encourage more families to take part in CYRE. His newsletters are amazing!!! 

2) (Facilitated) Remarkable staff, Marc, and Phil keeping the UUCC going during the crisis will hopefully sustain our membership.

3) (Impeded) Would have had at least four more new members if not for COVID-19. Hope they will sign on upon return to the UUCC.


Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.

Pat M. will likely continue the New to UU Class and Annual Picnic. I hope to chair the Outdoor Committee to encourage friendships. 


Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee

1) Have teens play a more active role in greeting and acclimating new people

2) Bookclub for the young adults and more publicity of activities 


Constraints on accomplishing these plans.

Not enough interested teens and few young adults. Hopefully will change with efforts from Publicity Committee.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancie Shillington-Perez