Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia




Barbara Ann Beeler, Carita Barr, Sheldon Bon, Linda Brennison, David C. Bryan III, Jean A. Capalbo, Craig Chattin, Tom Clements, Ivy Coleman, Don Cooper, Richard Culler, Carol Dodson, Don Dodson, Peck Drennan, Rebecca Drennan, Marc Drews, Patty Drews, Caroline Eastman, Shannon Edwards, Joseph Eisenreich, Glenn Farr, Yolanda Ganong, Suzi Garland, Jane Gillespie, Bob Gillespie, Nina Gray, Donald Griggs, Anita Grossman, Anna Hamilton, Elizabeth Harris, Ann Johnson, Jessica Kross, Kerry Lachance, John Logue, Joe Long, Marlene Mackey, Sharon Matchett, Deb Matherly, Dee McFarland, Kay McFarland, Kevin McKinney, Linda McLeod, Richard McLeod, Anne Mellen, Pat Mohr, Regina Moody, Santiago Perez, Emilio Perez-Jorge, Nancie Shillington-Perez, Karen Peters, Connie Quirk, Beth Ann Rocheleau, Tiffany Rushton, Robin Scherer, Larry Siegel, Cheryl Soehl, John Starino, Alvin Steingold, Beck Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Terrence Sullivan, Lis Turner, Phil Turner, Tim VanDenBerg, Ginny Verne, Jim Verne, Joan Watterson, Carolyn West, Keitha Whitaker, Bob Whitaker.


Approval of Minutes


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of June 4, 2018 were approved with corrections to show Carolyn West in attendance and election of Pat Mohr to the Board of Trustees.


Annual Report


Tim VanDenBerg, outgoing president, presented an overview of the 2018-19 year. The Board did not commit UUCC to any “lofty goals” but said a difficult year, and the UUCC’s response to that, was a reflection on “who we are as UU’s and the UUCC.” He praised the UUCC staff, noting the work of McKenzie Scott with YRE, custodian Bill Dolley’s care of the building and grounds, bookkeeper Ginny Verne’s ability to “stretch UUCC resources,” Andrea Dudick for “knowing everything needed to run the business of the UUCC,” music director Anna Hamilton and interim minister Stephen Robinson.


VanDenBerg thanked the following members for their service in 2018-18: Peck Drennan for work on the building renovation; Carolyn West, Phil Turner and Richard Culler for serving on the renovation committee; J.P. Flood and Phil & Lis Turner for work on the kitchen; Marc Drews, chair of the Worship and Personnel Committees, Linda Brennison, President Elect and Board Liaison to Staff; members of the Ministerial Search Committee David Crockett, Linda Brennison, Buzzie Kelly, Andrea Dudick and Rod Brown; Right Relations Committee members Kevin McKinney and Emilio Perez; and Beck Sullivan for her “dedication and hundreds of hours” to the CYRE.


VanDenBerg reported UUCC membership had declined from 197 to 177 in the past year.


Budget Discussion and Vote


Caroline Eastman, chair of the Finance Committee, led discussion of the budget for 2019-20. She reported that the Board filled most requested funding from committees, raised staff salaries to meet UUA recommended guidelines and to cover cost-of-living increases, and voted to raise UUCC’s denominational support to UUA by the requested amount to its annual program fund.


Besides pledges, Eastman reported that income figures for 2019-20 include funds from the one-time “Wake Now” program.


Tim VanDenBerg answered a question about the budget’s $15,000 allotment for potential legal fees by saying that figure was based on advice of legal counsel to defend UUCC in case of lawsuit(s) by the former minister.


The budget for 2019-20 was unanimously approved by voice vote.


Election of Officers


The following members were elected by voice-vote acclamation to the following positions for 2019-20: Richard McLeod, President Elect; Treasurer (2 years) Jeannette Walton; Trustee (2 years) Jessica Kross; Trustee (2 years) John Logue;Trustee (2 years) Deb Matherly; and Trustee (1 year) Pat Mohr; Leadership Development Committee, Emilio Perez-Jorge and Elizabeth Harris; Endowment Fund Committee, Craig Chattin and Joe Long.




The meeting was adjourned at 1:22 p.m.


Submitted by: Bob Gillespie, Secretary