Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia
Held in-person and via Zoom – DRAFT – to be approved/accepted by voting members at the 2023 Annual meeting
Attendance (Quorum was Validated)
Sheldon Bon, Linda Brennison, Karen Brown, Rod Brown, Jean A. Capalbo, Craig Chattin, Bruce Chavious, Tom Clements, Donald Cooper, Laura Culler, Richard Culler, Joe Daggett, Carol Dodson, Bill Dolley, Peck Drennan, Rebecca Drennan, Marc Drews, Patty Drews, Andrea Dudick, Brian E. Dudick, Jim DuPlessis, Caroline Eastman, Glenn Farr, Joseph P. Flood, Suzi Garland, Jane Gillespie, Bob Gillespie, Nina Gray, Elizabeth Harris, Trish Jerman, Ann Johnson, Jim Kimbler, Jane Lawther, John Logue, Joe Long, Mary Maclachlan, Morgan Maclachlan, Sharon Matchett, Deb Matherly, Kevin McKinney, Linda McLeod, Richard McLeod, Lee Minghi, Pat Mohr, Regina Moody, Judy Pearce, Emilio Perez-Jorge, Nancie Shillington-Perez, Connie Quirk, Beth Ann Rocheleau, Tiffany Rushton, Robin Scherer, Larry Siegel, Cheryl Soehl, Alvin Steingold, Bethany Storlazzi, Michael Sullivan, Mark Tompkins, Lis Turner, Phil Turner, Tim VanDenBerg, Ginny Verne, Jim Verne, Jeanette Walton, Joan Waterson, Caroline West, Keitha Whitaker, Bob Whitaker, Jonathan White.
Several other non-voting friends and visitors attended the meeting.
Approval of the Agenda (VOTE)
The agenda was approved.
Approval of Minutes (VOTE)
Minutes of the Annual Meeting held June 2021 were approved.
Election of Officers, Trustees, and Members of Leadership Development & Endowment
Committees (VOTE)
The following members were elected to the following positions: President Elect – Marc Drews; Secretary – Karen Brown; Trustees – Regina Moody, Nancie Shillington-Pérez. Endowment Fund Committee, new members – Jim Kimbler and Tim VanDenBerg. Leadership Development Committee, new member – David Bryan
Receipt of Annual Reports (VOTE)
The annual reports received from standing committees were accepted.

President’s Report

Pat Mohr, President, presented an overview of the 2021/2022 year, noting the participation of members, friends, guests, and visitors; and expressing heartfelt appreciation to all.
Proposed Budget (VOTE)
Linda Brennision, Chair of the Finance Committee, presented the budget for 2022/2023, which was prepared and reviewed by the Finance Committee, reconciled with the bookkeeping system, unanimously approved by The Board, and accepted by Membership.
By-Law Amendment recommendation to link the number of board members to the number of members was tabled
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00(ish) p.m.

Submitted by: Beth Ann Rocheleau, Secretary