Buying produce at our Seeds of Hope stand.

Seeds of Hope is a wonderful fresh market held in front of our church from June 18th to August 6th. Every Sunday we sell fresh produce from 10:30 until 1:00 as a part of a community wide program to assist low income farmers. It is a great time for our neighbors walking by to stop and make a purchase and see the smiling faces of the two different volunteers that work the produce stand each Sunday. Of course, our own members and Bauer Westeren manages our Seeds of Hope market.friends look forward to this each year as a chance to buy fresh fruits and veggies and help out our returning Farmer Louis Reid. It is now time to start signing up for those Sundays that you can serve as a smiling face representing UUCC. Please send an email to Bauer at to let him know when you are available or click here to sign up.


Lou Reid and his produce truck