Submitted by the Finance Committee: 7/18/12 (Mike Sullivan, Chair)

Adopted by Board: 7/18/12

Amended by Board: 12/18/19



The UUCC Bylaws require that all fundraising activities be coordinated by the Finance Committee (8.1.d).


It shall be the responsibility of the committee or program area sponsoring a fundraising activity to notify the Finance Committee of the date and purpose of their fundraiser in advance. Fundraising activities lacking committee or program sponsorship are not authorized.  It is the expectation that the fundraising activity will benefit UUCC, UUA, or their activities.  The Finance Committee will maintain a calendar of all fundraising activities.  Only those fundraising events in this centralized calendar shall be publicized in the Unigram or the Orders of Service, or by any other means within UUCC.

Final authority over the appropriateness and timing of any fundraising activity resides with the Board.