Submitted by the Finance Committee: 1/15/2023 by Robin Scherer, Chair

Adopted by Board: 3/15/2023


The UUCC Bylaws require that all fundraising activities be coordinated by the Finance Committee (8.1.g).


A fundraising event (also called a fundraiser) is an event or campaign other than the annual pledge drive sponsored by a UUCC committee, subcommittee or program group the primary purpose of which is to raise money for the UUA, UUCC, its committees,  subcommittees, program areas or causes supported by these entities.


It shall be the responsibility of the committee, subcommittee, or program area sponsoring a fundraising activity to notify the Finance Committee of the date and purpose of their fundraiser in advance. Fundraising activities lacking committee or program sponsorship are not authorized. Fundraising activities lacking committee, subcommittee or program sponsorship are not authorized. The Finance Committee will maintain, in coordination with the administrator, a calendar of all fundraising activities. Only those fundraising events in this centralized calendar shall be publicized in the Unigram or the Orders of Service, or by any other means within UUCC.

Final authority over the appropriateness and timing of any fundraising activity resides with the Board.

  • All funds raised during fundraisers will follow policies used for plate collections
  • Fundraising collections will be deposited into UUCC accounts and distributed to the beneficiary via the UUCC

All fundraising requests must be submitted by a committee chair to the Finance Chair, Committee Board Liaison and UUCC Administrator by email to their respective role-relevant UUCC email address. Church fundraisers falling outside committee, subcommittee or program group sponsorship (e.g., annual rummage sale, a member-inspired fundraiser, etc.) may be submitted directly to the Finance Committee for Finance Committee sponsorship.

Fundraising requests must include the following information:

  • Identify the head of the committee, subcommittee or program group that will be responsible for collecting the funds involved
  • State that the head of the appropriate committee or program group is willing to accept responsibility to follow the policy
  • Describe the proposed action
  • Explain when the fundraiser will occur
  • Explain where the fundraiser will be held (facilities needed or location).

Fund-Raising Request Process

The Finance Chair will review the UUCC Calendar to determine whether the facility is available. A determination of whether the facility is available will be based on the timing of the submission – the earlier submission takes priority.

If the process is followed and the requested facility is available, the Finance Committee will coordinate with the Administrator to add the event to the calendar and publicize the event in the Unigram, Order of Service, Worship Announcements, or any other means within the UUCC.

Exclusions and Limitations

Fundraising requests that are not included in UUCC communications fall outside the UUCC fund-raising policy and are considered personal requests.