The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia intends to hire a Religious Exploration Youth Ministries Assistant to support the work of our religions ours exploration program. Interested candidates are asked to send an email to, expressing interest and sharing qualifications on or before October 23, 2017. Interviews will be scheduled during the week of October 23.


UUCC is committed to growing our Religious Exploration (RE) programs to meet the needs of all of our children and youth.  We wish to engage young people in a way that promotes their spiritual growth and connection to our community.  The Religious Exploration Youth Ministries Assistant (RE Assistant) engages in a ministry with youth (middle and high school students) that emphasizes fun, religious identity, community, and the democratic process.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

a. Commitment to the spiritual growth of young people, and the ability to see the inherent worth and dignity of every person.
b. Leadership experience working with youth in an engaging manner.
c. Ability to work as part of a team with the youth, parents, volunteers, the Director of Religious Exploration (DRE), Minister, Children and Youth Religious Exploration (CYRE) Committee, Adult Religious Education Committee and the larger congregation.
d. Ability to communicate effectively using different media.
e. Basic knowledge of what it means to be a religious liberal.
f.  A sense of faith and understanding of Unitarian Universalism.
g. College degree preferred.


a. The RE Assistant serves year-round, but primary responsibilities will be from September-June. During the school year, the RE Assistant will coordinate events for the middle school youth group (MUUGs) and the high school youth group (YRUU). Summer responsibilities will include planning and coordination with the CYRE Committee.
b. The RE Assistant will coordinate an agreed upon number of events (approximately one event per month) for the MUUGs, which may include one or two joint events with the YRUU each church year. In addition, the RE Assistant will coordinate, in conjunction with the DRE and/or the CYRE Committee, Lock-Ins, field trips, and other special events.
c. The RE Assistant will coordinate an agreed upon number of events (approximately 1.5 events per month, including CONs) for YRUU.
d. The RE Assistant will meet with the DRE on a monthly basis to discuss content and format for upcoming MUUGs and YRUU events and evaluate past events. One monthly meeting will include an evaluation of the RE Assistant.
e. The RE Assistant will work no more than 32 hours per month year round.
f. The RE Assistant will attend the annual CYRE Retreat, usually held in June.


                 The RE Assistant reports to the DRE.


a. Work with the DRE to select and schedule events.
b. Responsible for all the content and running of MUUGs meetings and doing any needed reading/research to develop content. These tasks may be delegated to volunteer youth advisors as long as the RE Assistant maintains adequate oversight.
c. Work with members of YRUU to develop the content of and run events. Engendering leadership in the youth is a goal.
d. Engage the youth and young adults with the goal of increasing connections withintheir peer group and the large church community.
e. Maintain communication with Unitarian Universalist Association – Southeast District (SED) office regarding SED-wide youth events and communicate information about those events to UUCC youth and their parents.
f. Mentor youth in effective and responsible interpersonal communication and leadership skills as they apply within a youth group setting.

Covenant Related Responsibilities

a. Provide support and guidance to youth as needed. This includes pastoral, lay ministry care, and honoring of confidentiality. Seek supervision from the DRE and Minister for all significant concerns.
b. Sign the Code of Ethics agreement.
c. At the start of each church year, develop a group covenant with the youth and youth advisors. Remind group members of group covenant responsibilities when needed. If necessary, inform parents and/or DRE of significant covenant violations.


a. Communicate with staff, volunteers, youth and parents in a timely fashion to inform them of program activities.
b. Make reservations and arrangements (including permission forms, if necessary) for events.
c. Be familiar with and implement the requirements of the UUCC Safety Policies and Procedures for Children and Youth Served.
d. Record hours worked and submit to DRE and the UUCC Administrator in a timely fashion.

Professional Development

a. Read available literature and research internet resources on youth groups and advisor roles.
b. Attend District, UUA and LREDA trainings when possible.

Salary and Hours

$14.50 per hour. Up to 32 hours per month.


Chair, UUCC Personnel Committee