Effective January 8, 2023

As the community transmission risk for COVID (and other respiratory infections, or as some people call it, the “tripledemic”) has increased again to High, the Reopening/COVID committee has changed the recommendations regarding the mask policy based on local public health and CDC recommendations.
1. Masking is now again RECOMMENDED in all the church grounds rather than optional.
2. If you are in one of the following categories, this recommendation is especially important: unvaccinated, older than 65, weak immune system, chronic medical illness, essential work/job description (i.e. being off work for 7-10 days is not an option).
3. Recommended masking rules also apply to singing and choir for the time being.
4. Continue to abstain from attending in person services if you have recently had COVID (or other transmissible infection) or if you have been exposed to somebody with COVID until cleared by your physician.
5. Notify the UUCC administrator (uucc@uucolumbia.org) if you were diagnosed with COVID infection shortly after attending an event in the UUCC buildings. Names of affected persons will remain confidential.

Ad Hoc Reopening Committee.

Emilio V. Perez-Jorge, MD, FACP
Lexington Infectious Diseases
West Columbia, SC 29169
(803) 936-7460
(803) 936-7462

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